Virginia Passes Final Ultrasound Bill, Now To McDonnell To Sign

Thursday afternoon Virginia lawmakers passed a final version of the state’s mandatory ultrasound bill, sending the matter to Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell who will likely sign the bill.

The final version of the bill eliminates the mandatory transvaginal ultrasound language and a very narrow exception for pregnancies caused by rape or incest. Only women who have reported rape or incest can avoid the procedure.

There’s nothing much left to say about this bill, really. The fight in Virginia drew a wider attention to the wide-scale assault on reproductive rights, so to that end it can be used to continue momentum against these bills. But women suffered a significant setback with this bill and there’s no sign the attacks are going to end any time soon.

Gov. McDonnell has not yet signed the bill and he’s being urged not sign it. You can join the effort here.

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Photo from gage skidmore via flickr.


Christopher M.
Christopher M.3 years ago

Is there a way abortion can be lwgal but regulated and officially disapproved of, like smoking?

KS Goh
KS Goh4 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Julimar C.
Julimar C4 years ago

I see Ms C's point, but I think this is not the problem here. It's the fact that these politicians want to control every aspect of a woman's choice. So let's say that they want to make a woman feel guilty. She might probably just go ahead and still get the abortion, except that a dear politician thought it might be nice to torture her for a few seconds with discomfort. Comparing smoking to abortion is unfair as well. Unless you are of the point of view that abortion is terrible unforgivable murder, then I might see how they compare as it is the finality of a life that is being emphasized. However, showing a smoker's lungs to children is a matter of prevention for obvious health concerns. "Preventing" abortion is not a true health concern, just a matter of interest for those who are against it because it does not align with their moral system. I think it would make more sense to compare this example of showing lungs to children to perhaps proper sex education for children. If pro-lifers want "prevention", then instead of controlling adults who disagree with them they could be more rational and start with education (and even then, this example kind of sucks because there are many reasons why a woman might want to abort which would have nothing to do with their ignorance of birth control!).

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

Also, Ms C. If we want to see your pictures we will ask to see them. We don't need you or anyone else to tell us what to look at. Is that clear? I hope so because we are so tired of butinsky's like you.

Frances C.
Frances C4 years ago

Ms C. You just don't get it. Women are more intelligent than you obviously give them credit for. We know what abortion is. We know what a fetus is. We know what a zygote is. Do you know what 'Women's choice' is? It shows your ignorance when you equate lung cancer with an abortion. Have you seen in person or in pictures babies and young children who have been severely damaged or killed by parents who did not want them, but had no choice for an abortion. There is nothing worse than that.

Ms Charlotte
Ms Charlotte4 years ago

Misrepresentative? An aborted fetus is an aborted fetus, and a cancer riddled lung is a cancer riddled lung. It is what it is. If you truly care for women's rights and want them to be well informed, why wouldn't you want her to know what the consequences of her decision would be? How many women change their minds after seeing an ultrasound?

So many questions....who wants you to make blind decisions...who wants you to make informed many questions..

Maureen W.
Maureen W4 years ago

Ms. C I've seen plenty misrepresentative pictures of aborted fetuses, I am informed. It’s still my body and I still want the option to choose to have an abortion if I need or want one.
If you don't like abortions.... Don't have one...

Ms Charlotte
Ms Charlotte4 years ago

I remember when I was in .... 8th grade? Thereabouts. We had this class where they showed us pictures of a non smoker's lungs, and a lifetime smoker's lungs. They really wanted to stress the finality, the gravity of the CHOICE that we were making, what we were doing to our bodies.

A baby in the mother's womb is NOT part of her 'body'. The child has it's own DNA. But for the sake of arguement, say the 'fetus' is just part of the womans body and each woman has a 'right' to her body - why would it be okay to show these gruesome pictures of lungs to children, and not pictures of the 'fetus' to women? Don't we want women to be fully educated and aware of the choices they are making with their bodies? Hmmmm....

Kenny West
Kenny Wes4 years ago

Now theres a state that will be turning blue in 2012. I don't understand why any Woman would ever vote republican.

Past Member
Past Member 4 years ago

I never thought modern Virginia was backwards until this bill came up. This is sick.