Walmart Workers Plan Massive Black Friday Strike

Fed up with low wages, erratic hours, lack of health benefits, and most importantly disrespect in the workplace while the multi-billionaire Walton Family enjoys tax breaks and praise for “job creation”, Walmart employees around the country are planning a series of worker-led actions to take place on Black Friday.

Workers throughout the Walmart’s vast operations “from factories and warehouses to retail stores” will participate in a massive walkout on Friday, November 23. Traditionally one of the biggest days of consumption each year, organizers hope Black Friday will make it impossible for shoppers to ignore the plight of Walmart workers. The campaign, which is affiliated with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, already has more than 26,000 supporters on Facebook.

In case you’re wondering what would compel thousands of workers to put their jobs and families on the line, here are a few interesting facts:

  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages force employees to need approximately $420,000 per year, per store, totaling $2.66 BILLION annually in food stamps and other taxpayer assistance…just to survive.
  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost the country HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars in payroll tax deductions for Federal, State, and Local taxes.
  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost our communities the ability to hire and retain important public service workers like firefighters, police officers, maintenance workers, and teachers.
  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost our communities with their increased need for those same public services they are underfunding.
  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages and lack of covered benefits cost taxpayers over $1.02 BILLION a year in healthcare costs.
  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost taxpayers as much as $225 MILLION in free and reduced price lunches for school-age children.
  • Walmart’s intentionally low wages cost taxpayers over $780 MILLION in tax deductions for low-income families
    (via Winning WordsProject).

Walmart employees, who aren’t allowed to unionize, have instead formed their own grassroots coalitions to bring these timely protests to fruition. Operating under the name Making Change At Walmart and Organization United for Respect at Walmart (OUR Walmart), organizers are asking employees to use creative acts of non-violence to disrupt the status quo at Walmart locations around the country. Additionally, those who are striking or planning to strike ask members of the community to stand in solidarity with Walmart workers, and demand that the company improve working conditions.

Here are ways you can get involved and show your support for striking Walmart workers on Black Friday, and every day:

1) Take the Black Friday Pledge to say that you will stand with workers on the busiest shopping day of the year. Look for local strike locations on the Corporate Action Network website.

2) Sponsor a striker. The brave act of going out on strike also comes with an economic cost. By making a donation, you can help to offset wages Walmart worker will lose by striking.

3) Use the Share for Respect Facebook app to tell your Walmart worker friends about what’s going on!

4) Join the conversation on how to change Walmart by contributing art and ideas to the Tumblr.

5) Connect with workers and other community supporters on the Official Black Friday Walmart Strike Facebook page and like the Making Change at Walmart Facebook page.

6) On Twitter, use the hashtag #walmartstrikers and follow Making Change at Walmart.

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Debbi Ryan
Deb Ryan3 years ago

some of these people really have no clue about what it's like to work your butt off and still be unable to pay bills. Not coming back, have no wish to read ignorant answers

Debbi Ryan
Deb Ryan3 years ago


Susan Allen
Susan A4 years ago

You know Rob D., someday, somehow, I hope the most horrible things come your way because you deserve to be taken down a few pegs. You are just too disgusting for words. It's amazing to me that people like you even exist in this world, but unfortunately, I know you're not alone in feeling the way you do which makes it all the more sad. I'm so glad to know that there are people so totally opposite from you. Do people like you come to Care2 just to be obnoxious? I'm just curious really.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Yeah Rob, how dare those lousy slackers expect to be paid a decent wage. What right do they have to feed their families?

Rob Dean
Rob Dean4 years ago

Walmart is a private business. It is not a union business and hopefully will never be subject to organized crime (unions). That is a true advantage of right to work states! No Walmart employee was forced to work there nor required to accept any specific pay level - that was the employee's choice. Any of these malcontents who work at Walmart but complain about their jobs need only quit working there and go work somewhere else more suitable to their needs. The minimum wage is not designed to support anyone. It is merely for low level uneducated or trained workers just to prevent them from being taken unfair advantage of. Employees generally earn what they are worth. It is a competitive work force and you must take it upon yourself to get more education and training and thus become a valuable employee. You need to prove your worth to your employer in order to get paid for what you truly deserve. Most Walmart employees I have dealt with should be paid far less that the minimum wage or fires as they are incompetent and fail to do even a poor job at their work! But it is not Walmart's fault, it is the lazy, uneducated, untrained welfare class of people who work there and expect to get paid big bucks with full benefits - they are the takers and they are the problem. I will continue to shop at Walmart as they have what I want at prices that are reasonable. I choose to go to Walmarts that have self-checkout so I don't have to rely on incompetent cashiers who cannot even scan an item a

rene davis
irene davis4 years ago


Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

David F. - You are aware that millions of people toiled for starvation wages in factories, sweatshops, mines, textile mills, etc. aren't you? By your analogy the fact that people continuted to work there and the the factories, sweatshops, mines, textile mills, etc. were "successful" somehow makes the misery that those people endured okay in your book. That is some warped thinking.

Hey, four million slaves kept working as slaves on those "successful" cotton plantations. I guess they were great too!

janet T.
janet t4 years ago

I agree, raise the minimum wage. That is why it is there, companies like Wal-mart who try to nickel and dime their employees. So raise the minimum wage. I earned 50cents an hour at my first job, but I wasn't supporting a family. But I worked hard to take save 11 dollars a week for high school supplies.

Susan Allen
Susan A4 years ago

The minimum wage must be raised for starters; that's about all the government could really do to force Walmart to do better by their employees. Corporations, who should be happy that they are getting help subsidizing healthcare for their employees with the ACA, are balking by trying to hurt their employees. Walmart offers health insurance to their employees, but the cost is so high, most can't afford to purchase it. A company making as much as Walmart should be totally paying healthcare for their employees at the very least, especially since they don't pay them enough to live on. A working person should not have to choose between feeding their family, paying rent, or having health insurance. It's disgraceful what's happening to working people in this country and it can be traced right back to nothing more than corporate greed. Boycott, boycott, boycott!!!

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Oh by the way Walmart does not pay "basic living wages," they pay starvation wages. They instruct their employees on how to apply for food stamp and govenment aid.

Walmart workers are regulars at the food bank where I volunteer. So your tax and charitible dollars are being spent so Walmart can make billions by mistreating their employees.