Warren Closer To Senate Run


Consumer rights advocate and former adviser to President Obama Elizabeth Warren moved one step closer to a Senate run.

Speculation that Warren would challenge Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass) first started when she was not picked to head the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Most recently Warren authored a blog post for a progressive Massachusetts blog where she pledged never to “stop fighting for middle class families.”

More importantly, Warren is currently being advised by two influential Massachusetts Democratic operatives: Doug Rubin, chief strategist behind Gov. Deval Patrick’s two successful statewide runs, and Kyle Sullivan, Patrick’s press secretary for his first term.

Warren plans to spend the next few weeks mulling the bid and will announce her decision shortly after the Labor Day holiday.

A Warren Senate run would provide a focal point for progressives frustrated by a stymied Obama administration and could help get out the vote efforts. Warren would also prove a formidable candidate for Brown and return the seat back to Democrats.

Photo from david shankbone via flickr.


Michael Clegg
Michael C6 years ago

I, for one, am usually not at a loss for words but the story herein brings me to such a place, leaving me with only one thought.


gordon s.
gordon s.6 years ago

It is good she should run, she is the next Nader!

Daniel H.
Daniel H6 years ago

We need to take back Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Mass. Ted must be rolling over in his crave wondering how this possibly could have happened that we lost it. I think our Liberal Lion would be very proud (and relieved) if Elizabeth Warren could win it back. If anyone would fight for We The Majority, she certainly would.

Gayle J.
Gayle, J6 years ago

Elizabeth Warren would be a breath of fresh air in the extremely stale and dysfunctional Senate.
Bernie Sanders needs all the help he can get since he's the only progressive senator left.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

And there's the difference.

The republicans have Bachmann & Palin, we have Warren

They are going for photogenic airheads, we want experience and brains.

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda6 years ago

I think the president wants her in the senate.
Good on Elizabeth Warren! May she run and win.

Lilithe Magdalene

Yes, Elizabeth!

Phil Wilhide
Phil Wilhide6 years ago

With Dr. Warren and Senator Sanders we only need to find 98 more and we'll be heading in the right direction.

Fred C.
Fred C6 years ago

Scott Brown is doing a great job and deserves to be re-elected. If anything, he's far too liberal for my taste, but this is what Jon Keller calls The Bluest State. Like Kennedy before him, he's great on constituent services.

The last thing we need is another aloof, elitist limousine liberal down in Washington. We've got that is spades with John Kerry, who's hopelessly wrong on the economic and foreign policy challenges facing us.

Here's hoping that MA voters will show more of the rare good sense they displayed in the special election last year and reject Elizabeth Warren, if she can be persuaded to run, or whichever other Dummycrat they put up to challenge Scott if not.

roy m.
Roy Phillips6 years ago

went to the website of the Boston Globe after the Brown victory and posted a comment on the story there in which i congratulated the people of Mass. for having turned their backs on the late Sen. Kennedy who had devoted his life to their state. in return, the voters figuratively urinated on the late Senator's grave by electing someone who would vote against the one thing Senator Kennedy had worked for his whole life, and would seek to derail the healthcare reform bill at a time when it was finally looking feasible. don't think they liked it, but if they want forgiveness, Warren over Brown would be a great place to start.