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Washington Post Attacks Obama Over Story of His Mother’s Death

Washington Post Attacks Obama Over Story of His Mother’s Death

The Washington Post has said that Barack Obama is lying about his mother’s death from cancer.

In the Obama campaign’s epic new campaign video, the argument for the changes in health care reform for pre-existing conditions is illustrated by his memory of her battle over coverage.

Obama says:

“When my mom got cancer, she wasn’t a wealthy woman and it pretty much drained all her resources.”

Michelle Obama adds:

“She developed ovarian cancer, never really had good, consistent insurance. That’s a tough thing to deal with, watching your mother die of something that could have been prevented. I don’t think he wants to see anyone go through that.”

But as the New York Times also reports — and the Post turns into a ‘Factcheck,’ giving it Three Pinnochios, meaning that it’s a lie. Mrs Obama’s problem was with her Cigna disability insurance policy, not her health insurer. Apparently that’s a huge deal.

Barack Obama’s mother had uterine and ovarian cancer. While her medical procedures were largely covered by her health insurance plan, there was a large deductible and several hundred dollars of unpaid expenses each month. The insurance company did not honor her disability insurance because a doctor had written in her medical file that she suspected uterine cancer a couple of months before she started her job. However, his mother said that that information was not shared with her. His mother asked him to take over the job of fighting the insurance company.

An Obama spokesman told the Times that the campaign video comments are based on “his recollection of events that took place more than 15 years ago” and don’t take away from the salient point — the health care reforms stop the denial of benefits based on pre-existing conditions.

The White House said:

She [Obama's mother] first could not get a response from the insurance company, then was refused coverage. This personal history of the president’s speaks powerfully to the impact of pre-existing condition limits on insurance protection from health care costs.

It’s personal.

So why is the Post saying that Obama’s comments “can create a misleading impression, while skirting as close as possible to the edge of falsehood?” Because it cannot actually use the word ‘lie.’

The Post quotes Obama in 2008 talking about denied “insurance” coverage. It says:

Note that none of the quotes in the film actually use the words “health insurance” or “health insurance coverage.”

What difference does it make which insurer made the last period of Obama’s mothers life such a hell and forced him to fight with them over money due her? Which she’d paid premiums for?

Will The Post’s writers have the balls to tell him to his face that he’s lying about his mother’s death?

New campaign campaign video

The Obama campaign has released a new video today championing health care reform.

In it, Obama says ”It is heartbreaking,” explaining the situation before the Affordable Care Act was passed. “We have tens of millions of people without health insurance … We’ve got people who were getting a raw deal from their insurance companies … People with preexisting conditions who couldn’t get coverage or their kids had preexisting conditions.”

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4:42PM PDT on Apr 5, 2012

End all the wars, we need Universal Health Care as a basic fundamental human right!!!

3:14PM PDT on Mar 28, 2012

Medical Insurance companies are immoral to begin with. This is too important to be relegated to a company that is business to make a profit. All Medical Insurance companies are corporations and nearly all corporations put profit over people. Call it ore existing an hope you die before they have to let go of your premiums. If they had to use the money for your care instead of their profit, they would quit and do something else. Today many HMOs own the hospitals as well. The washington post is currently a disgrace to the very idea of news papers and no longer deserves to be referred to in caps.

6:04PM PDT on Mar 27, 2012

The difference in wordplay is huge-- disability insurance is a special insurance. Obamacare will not help that situation at all. Moreover, Obama's promises are deceptive. As a citizen of Massachusetts, I can tell you that the healthcare system we have in place (Romneycare as some call it), is a bare bones policy. It helps, but costs are tiered based on one's income, as are the benefits. Those paying least get the least treatment so one's care is limited. Many policies also still have deductibles or high copays.

4:34PM PDT on Mar 27, 2012

Yes, the Post sure is making an issue out of nothing in order to detract from the main points of health care reform.

10:30AM PDT on Mar 25, 2012

Let's see, bush, cheney, rumsfeld and the whole whig (white house iraq group) lied and got us into a very unnecessary and costly war in Iraq. Hundreds of thousands have died, and probably quadruple that number injured, as a direct and indirect result of that war. Thye are skating free. They even gave cheney a very much undeserved heart. B.O. stretches the truth in a matter that has killed or injured no one and he is being excoriated? The thieves at Enron laughed about little old ladies losing their power and B.O. is a bad guy? The investment bankers and their ilk caused a meltdown of the global economy and B.O. is a liar? These repugnatns make Goldwater look like a bleeing heart.

1:07AM PDT on Mar 25, 2012

I never read the Washington Post and I agree with Marie W. SINGLE PAYER !!!

10:09PM PDT on Mar 24, 2012

The tea party Republicans can be so cruel. They started bashing President Obama on day one. The KKK came out as part of the tea party, we saw the horrible posters at their rallies. I also had trouble with my old insurance company when I had a serious illness, they added stress to my recovery. This was some years ago, since then I joined Kaiser Permanente a non profit hospital, and medical facilities. It has been great. If we adopted their type of non profit care we would save millions. If not that then we really need single payer. The insurance industry donates millions to the Republicans to keep them obstructing any reform.

2:55PM PDT on Mar 24, 2012

The Afforable Health Care Act didn't include all that Obama wanted but it was a start. Of course the insuance companies are against it because it affects their bottom line. We still need the government option; that is the only way to make the insurance companies become competitive. Affordable is really an oxymoron since low income people have a hard time to pay deductibles and co-insurance on top of premiums. Deductibles and co-insurance are meant to discourage "over use" of benefits.

5:29AM PDT on Mar 24, 2012

Certain people just want to slam Obama for everything. What the hell difference does it make? His mom had problems with insurance.. ALOT of us have. WE can relate to that. I say: Obama 2012!! We need him back In The White House.

11:42PM PDT on Mar 23, 2012

Single payer.

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