We’ll Be Safer If Trump Stops Talking Foreign Policy

I beg of you, President Donald Trump: please stop discussing foreign policy publicly.

Protecting the United States from external threats is a complicated enough task even when handled with the utmost consideration. Since taking office, President Trump has repeatedly and unnecessarily demonstrated his ignorance on foreign issues, jeopardizing already tenuous relationships and thereby threatening the country’s safety.

In just a few short months into his term, Trump has made a number of avoidable gaffes relating to foreign policy, including but not limited to:

  • Trump basically taunted North Korea with an ill-advised tweet where he accused the country of “looking for trouble.” In calling out a country that’s been happy to test out its new weapon capabilities, it seems like Trump is the one looking for trouble.
  • Speaking of North Korea, even after increasing tensions between the country and the U.S., it appears that Trump has no idea who is even the leader of that country. Rather than saying Kim Jong-un’s name, he continually referred to Jong-un as “that gentleman” to a reporter. Further, he spoke of him as though he’d had power since the Bill Clinton administration, even though it was Kim Jong-il who was in charge then.
  • After condemning China for its relationship with North Korea, Trump had a 10-minute chat with President Xi Jinping and decided that diplomacy is “not so easy” after all. While it’s good for Trump to realize that foreign relations aren’t often plainly black and white, the comment also showed other nations just how little Trump understands.
  • Trump boasted of recent missile attacks on Iraq to a reporter, who had to gently correct him that he had actually fired the missiles at Syria. Incidentally, Trump was able to recall the piece of chocolate cake he was eating at the time quite vividly.
  • In what should have been a routine phone call with the Australian Prime Minister, Trump let the conversation with a longtime American ally turn into something ugly, bragging to the head of Australian over petty issues. It’s not smart policy to turn friends into foes for no reason aside from Trump feeling tired.

Trump may have found shooting from the hip to be a winning campaign strategy domestically, but when it comes to global diplomacy, he’s going to need to be both smarter and more judicious in his choice of words.

Although it doesn’t seem unreasonable to want the president to have a better grasp on foreign matters than he’s showcased so far, no one actually expects the president to know everything. Every president has advisors with a much better understanding of the extensive history and cultural issues of foreign nations.

Prior to being elected, Trump pledged to hire “the best people.” It’s time to follow through with that promise, and let those best people do the talking. It’s not a sign of weakness for Trump to say, “My people know much more than I do about the situation in North Korea, so I’ll defer to them.”

Trump has continually said that American safety is his top priority, but he can’t ensure that when he recklessly endangers our relations with other foreign leaders. If he really wants to keep us safe, it’s time he admits what he doesn’t know and stops making ignorant comments that leave us more susceptible to attack.

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Margie F42 minutes ago

I cant sign the petition, the world is at risk if North Korea retaliates, not just USA.

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E10 hours ago

Darlene B
The simple fact that you have ONLY singled out MY comments here says that in fact YOU are trolling me and my comments.
There were other inflammatory comments made by other members, but because there is history you stalk mine !!...
Sorry other members for this little digression from the topic. Check with Darlene too

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta E11 hours ago

Darlene Buckingham just couldn't resist trouble making. It's what she does.
I should give this group some of her OTHER comments made on topics she knows not much about but in those comments she slams other members and makes uncalled for comments and accusations about them.(I can quote them too and she knows it)
I will leave her to pat herself on the back with her own brand of trolling disguised as an activist.
Smile Darlene, you've made a fool of yourself yet again.

Darlene Buckingham
Darlene B13 hours ago

I ask you Rhoberta to stop making derogatory, personal remarks and stick to the topic and that goes for all people that troll others. There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with others and making a point why you disagree but comments like yours " Someone PLEASE help dan get off that fence. I'm afraid he's stuck in neutral without a meaningful opinion on anything one way or another." does not help the conversation move forward or has anything to do with the topic. I will continue to comment on comments like that because they are disruptive and unnecessary. It is a personal attack, plain and simple. We all have to ask better of our leaders as well. Trump blames others, flagrantly disregards the truth and does not take responsibility for anything he says or does. And we wonder why the world is having so many issues and people are being bombed and dying because of this lack of regard for the truth and looking for solutions that work and honour life.

Barbara W
Barbara W13 hours ago

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ERIKA S23 hours ago


Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eyesterday

BTW, Darlene, I think dan can speak for himself and usually does. But you need to just trouble make don't you. I have asked you to back off .

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eyesterday

scroll down and look at scarlett's posts or go to ones by someone who just says "20 points"
YOU are doing the exact same thing you are flapping about ME doing but of course you don't see it in yourself..
I wonder why you think it is wrong to disagree with something someone says? Are YOU that insecure that YOU can't stand criticism?. You can dish it out but can't take it when it wasn't even directed at you? I suggest you get a life or treat all who upset your sensibilities the same way. I can give you a list if you like.

Philippa P
Philippa Pyesterday


Darlene Buckingham
Darlene Byesterday

Rhoberta: If you think I am saying anything that is untrue then flag my posts. I have spoken the truth that you were the first one on this forum to make a disparaging comment about someone. This is what Trump does all the time, says one thing and denies it. If you don't like Trump for doing this why do it yourself?
It is important that more people call Trump on his "turn-arounds". So far he just keeps on doing it, but more people can see what he is doing. A point will come when he will not get away with this any longer. How can an election be fair when there are so many "trolls" lying and when the candidates themselves flagrantly lie to the public?