Whale Wars is in full swing. Are you watching it?

Tonight Animal Planet will air the fourth installment in their exciting docu-drama series, Whale Wars. The show follows the lives of the all-volunteer crew aboard the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship, the Steve Irwin. They roam the arctic waters in search of illegal Japanese whalers. When the activists find the hunters, they use non-violent direct action to shut down their bloody hunt.

So far we’ve seen the crew aboard the Steve Irwin chase down the illegal whalers, get stuck in a dangerous ice-field, launch a failed zodiac attack on the whalers, and run a successful attack against a whale scouting ship.

Apparently the Whale Wars forum on Animal Planet’s website has been getting a lot of critical comments. It’s clear that the show is very popular, but many are leaving negative comments about the crew and even challenging the competency of the organization. There are so many comments, in fact, that Captain Paul Watson has responded to them on his blog.

Watson suspects that many of the comments are being left by pro-whale hunting groups based in Japan. Considering how wildly popular the show is in the United States, I think he may be right. In response to those who say Sea Sheperd is reckless, Watson responds, “What we do is dangerous, exceedingly dangerous, yet despite all the rabid accusations, we have never suffered an ‘incident’ at sea.”

He goes on:
“Any second rate sailor can take an icebreaker into thick ice and survive. It takes skill to take a non-ice class vessel into the ice and bring her out safely again. The Japanese harpoon ship the Yushin Maru #2 smashed their propeller in the same ice we were in and had to retreat to Indonesia for repairs.  The Japanese whaling fleet has also lost three crewmembers and experienced two major fires, whereas we have not had a single serious accident.”

I love his response to claims that Sea Shepherd is violent:
“Any accusations that Sea Shepherd is a violent organization cannot be backed by real evidence. Does Sea Shepherd destroy equipment used in illegal activities to kill whales and to poach fish? The answer is yes. Is this illegal or violent? The answer is no. If it were illegal we would be arrested. If it were violent someone would be hurt.”

If you live in the US, look out for the new episode of Whale Wars tonight at 9pm on Animal Planet.

photo cred: sea shepherd conservation society


Terry H.
Terry H.6 years ago

They should try using a giant 3 man slingshot to launch their stink bombs.these things will send a water baloon 100 feet with no problem.they could do this without ever launching the small boats,right from the deck of the Steve Irwin.these heartless scumbags must be stopped.also try to recruit an ex major league ball player with an arm too get the acid bottles on board the murderess, poaching,killing machines.

CR C.7 years ago

Leave these poor gentle animals alone let them swim free they are not hurting anyone.

Gregory L.
Gregory L.7 years ago

What the whalers are doing is legal. It was a concession in the 1982 "international law" to get Japan to sign on in the first place. So, either let them alone to do what are allowed to do or risk them and others backing out all together. You cant get a country to be part of an international law they have to agree to be. Whale Wars endangers the current law and will lead to unfettered whaling in the future once again.

jeanette steffi g.

i wish i can. but we don't have it here in the Philippines. but i do watch Animal Planet. its one great channel! Japan, stop the whaling! stop using animals for your own benefits. they do not deserve to be killed!

charlotte b.
charlotte b.7 years ago

I urge Japan to stop this cruel and barbic whaling at once, it is shameful and sick and must stop! I love Sea Shepard and think they are doing a great job - I have even been to a talk with them at a meeting and helped at their stall at the London Vegan Festival. I support them 100%.

Za H.
Za H.7 years ago

We dont need the Japanese to tell us they are killing whales in order to do Research, where in fact they are serving it to their population as food. Shame! Thank you Mr. Watson (wish the UN could be strong enough to do the job)

Za H.
Za H.7 years ago

Sneaky Axis power (you know, the fascist of WWII)...they do not change their methods. Internationally they are to capture only about 900 a season, but they are so darn sneaky and bright (cunning) that they came up with the idea that they are only doing Research!!! Mr. Watson, good for you!!! However, wouldnt it be nice if the UN was strong enough to do the job. Since not, THANK YOU!!

judy k.
keith k.7 years ago


Pamela K.
Pamela K.7 years ago

I don't have cable, but I checked on line at store.discovery.com and you can purchase the dvd set at a pretty reasonable price. (for those others without cable)

Pamela K.
Pamela K.7 years ago

Daniel, please understand that it is possible to be concerned with both animal welfare and human welfare. One doesn't negate the other.