What DID Obama Say?

More than 2,000 Care2 members voted in the poll “What Should Obama Tell the UN”, sponsored by our friends at the Better World Campaign. We gave you five options: Security, Climate Change, Millennium Development Goals, Ratifying Treaties and Multilateralism.

The results were pretty dramatic: 59 percent of Care2 members thought Climate Change was the message President Obama should bring to the world when he addressed the UN General Assembly today. Next up was the Millennium Development Goals with 16 percent, Multilateralism with 12 percent, Security with 7 percent and Ratifying Treaties with 4 percent.

So Care2 members will be pleased to know that climate change was a major theme in the president’s speech:

The danger posed by climate change cannot be denied. Our responsibility to meet it must not be deferred. If we continue down our current course, every member of this Assembly will see irreversible changes within their borders. Our efforts to end conflicts will be eclipsed by wars over refugees and resources. Development will be devastated by drought and famine. Land that human beings have lived on for millennia will disappear. Future generations will look back and wonder why we refused to act; why we failed to pass on — why we failed to pass on an environment that was worthy of our inheritance.

And that is why the days when America dragged its feet on this issue are over. We will move forward with investments to transform our energy economy, while providing incentives to make clean energy the profitable kind of energy. We will press ahead with deep cuts in emissions to reach the goals that we set for 2020, and eventually 2050. We will continue to promote renewable energy and efficiency, and share new technologies with countries around the world. And we will seize every opportunity for progress to address this threat in a cooperative effort with the entire world.

And those wealthy nations that did so much damage to the environment in the 20th century must accept our obligation to lead. But responsibility does not end there. While we must acknowledge the need for differentiated responses, any effort to curb carbon emissions must include the fast-growing carbon emitters who can do more to reduce their air pollution without inhibiting growth. And any effort that fails to help the poorest nations both adapt to the problems that climate change have already wrought and help them travel a path of clean development simply will not work.

It’s hard to change something as fundamental as how we use energy. I know that. It’s even harder to do so in the midst of a global recession. Certainly, it will be tempting to sit back and wait for others to move first. But we cannot make this journey unless we all move forward together. As we head into Copenhagen, let us resolve to focus on what each of us can do for the sake of our common future.

If you’re moved by President Obama’s speech, join me in demanding that your senators support strong climate and energy legislation now — so we can bring something concrete to Copenhagen.

If you’re one of the Care2 members who voted for Security, the Millennium Development Goals, Ratifying Treaties or Multilateralism — don’t be too upset; the president mentioned all of them in his speech.


Judith S.
Judith S.6 years ago

Rosanne, Again, I am not calling anyone names, not at all (except Rosanne, perhaps). I am just trying to figure out why you have so much unsubstantiated criticism against (elected) President Obama and you claim to not be a Republican, but then you repeat their erroneous beliefs. By the way, are you referring to "Republican" as the name-calling? Why does it embarrass you to be called a Republican?

Thomas S.
6 years ago

I'm still trying to figure out Rosanne, why you're concerned about ACORN enough to mention it.

Rosanne G.
Rosanne G.7 years ago

Judith: I didn't come up with anything that I didn't explain, but you think you have the right to call someone stupid along with Thomas who says we're ignorant. NAMES, NAMES, NAMES, address the issues, PLEASE!! Thomas: Obama is President, not Bush, stop comparing. People complained about him when he was in office & they haven't stopped, but you claim this country should be progressive. So go ahead & progress to the current administration & its problems & its agenda. BOO HOO! Somebody compared Obama to Hitler! If he tries to stifle opposition, to what would you compare him? Maybe his mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Now there's a Fine Specimen of Hate! If the UN is supposed to make the world a more peaceful place, why were some leaders allowed to ramble on for hours & spew hate for the WEST, & talk of attacking Israel, making nuclear missiles, & other nonsense. The UN isn't serving the purpose for which it was created. What do you want answered that you won't call vile? I would say your comments against the NON-Obamanites are pretty vile also. I should have said the right is not permitted to rebut without being called NAMES by you & your kind. The Savior & his Supreme party are not without fault & Obama should apologize for trying to push a healthcare bill through without it being read, debated or explained. The whole system is not broken, just parts. He needs to fix what is broken.

Shannon S.
Shannon G.7 years ago

Calling a president Hitler is nothing new, it did not start with Obama and will not end with him. Chekc it out...I think that there was a fair amount of name calling in the Bush admin...You may learn where some of this is comming from by watching the clip below:

Judith S.
Judith S.7 years ago

Rosanne, your ignorance never fails to amaze me. Where do you come up with all this stuff? Do you really believe it?!?! Amazing!

Thomas S.
7 years ago

"President Obama is in his first year, and I will reserve judgment for a future time."

Good point here, one I've made many times. Bush frequently said the real measure of his presidency will be where we are years from now, if Iraq as a successful democracy was the seed of democracy in the middle east, blah blah, blah. His fans, (somehow someone still likes him) were blasting President Obama's policies before he even tried to enact them. That anyone would believe he deserves impeachment after only 9 months, 9 months during which our failing economy has slowly begun to improve despite all the damage done, gives President Obama's detractors away as blind haters. Whether this hatred is due to his skin color, his party, his intelligence and education (how many times have I heard the word "uppity" used?) or just the fact that he may end up showing Bush as the extreme incompetent he was and is, it's still blind, undeserved, unnecessary, and unconscionably vicious. I'm still trying to figure out where these people, whether it's the teabaggers or posters on Care2 (I asked Rosanne, but no response) get off on comparing our president to Hitler or saying impeachment is warranted, or saying any of the other vile things they say.

Shannon S.
Shannon G.7 years ago

Charlene, What makes you think that someone who has graduated highschool could communicate any better?

Charlene R.
Charlene Rush7 years ago

In all due respect, am I conversing with people who haven't even graduated high school? President Obama is in his first year, and I will reserve judgment for a future time. That does not insinuate that my tracking is not imminent; his decisions are not without criticism. I only question those who stayed silent, while the Bushies infringed on our rights, in the past, and made us less important in the eyes of the world.

Thomas S.
7 years ago

"Move forward" indeed. Or in different words, PROGRESS. I wonder if our government is truly capable of being progressive.

Opheeliya Fire-Kracker
Past Member 7 years ago

...because Thomas S...left leaning or right...don't ya see what is truly happening here...one side or the other could have been wrong at this point,,,it is time to move forward and hold that beautiful baby in your arms for all that life is worth...'Future is held within your hands'...there is no Time to be Succinct...brevity and self-aggrandizement surely should not have any place upon this playing field,..Light her Life...and see the truth................................ O.F.~*