What is Controversial About Birth Control?


If you were planning a wedding for 300 guests, and you knew that one person attending was a strict vegetarian, would you order him or her a separate meal?  Or would you simply decide not to have food at all?

If it sounds like a ridiculous situation, in essence, that is what is being demanded by groups like Family Research Council in the wake of the recommendation that contraceptives be covered by insurance as preventative care.  According to groups like FRC, because an extremely small fraction of Americans do not approve of birth control, allowing insurers to cover it would “violate their conscious rights.”

A very small fraction indeed. According to the latest Guttmacher report, “There are approximately 62 million women of reproductive age in the United States, and virtually all of them will use a contraceptive method other than natural family planning at some point in their lives.”

Virtually ALL of them.

But apparently the utterly vast mass of people who not only approve of birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies, but also use it themselves, don’t make enough noise to drown out the incessant outrage posed by critics of women not having babies once a year.  Hence, all of the media is debating the “controversy” of birth control.

There should be no controversy.  As always, if you don’t like birth control, don’t use it.  You still overall benefit from the cost savings that will be reaped by lower medical costs from births that are further spaced out, unneeded abortions, and the social and financial costs of caring for more children than a family can afford.  Your objection to chemical birth control should not supersede another’s ability to access affordable preventative medication.

No one should have to cancel an entire wedding dinner because one guest doesn’t eat meat.  Neither should all people have to go without preventative care because a very small, very vocal fringe minority disapproves.

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LMj Sunshine

Interesting article and comments, thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Interesting article and comments, thank you.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence5 years ago


Joyce Morris
Joyce Morris5 years ago

Every man has a right to an opinion regarding abortion, but no man has the right to determine if a woman can have an abortion. No woman has the right to make that decison for another woman.

It's like a lot of other things: if you don't believe in it, don't do it, but don't you dare tell another woman what she should do. It's none of your business.

Oh, yes! If you decide to have a bunch of children you can't afford, don't expect me to finance their upbringing. Get off your butt and do it yourself.

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

There really should be no controversy. Birth control needs to be covered.

Keiran B.
Keiran B.5 years ago

@Patti.. I think you skipped the first half the bible... The God in that book actually told the Israelites to cut babies from the wombs of their mothers. If you're going to bring up the bible at least read it before you go dragging it into some political debate. Especially when it took let's say 3500 years before Muhammad basically said 'God told me that burying baby girls you can't afford is wrong'
I'm just getting snipped. There's enough kids in the world and more than enough sperm donors. It's actually healthier for a male to get snipped because unused sperm just gets reabsorbed into the body. Honestly I believe having a biological child in this day and age is border line racism. Doesn't matter who gave birth to who, a child will grow into a person based on how you raise it.I believe we're all one big human family. Peace.

Patti A.
Patti A5 years ago

least once before she is 20 and at the latest by 25. Maybe our bodies are made to hold on to this ability for so long a period after it has given the signal it is ready to produce. We know what happens to males when they don't ejaculate when they are supposed to on a regular basis, blue balls or prostate problems. Maybe this is why we are seeing more problems in babies like autism, MS etc because they have let their good years go by because society says they must wait. There are no laws in the bible because it say love ALL children only men say kill the woman and child if they break their rules. But god doesn't say so nor it that included in any of the commandments. It is long past time to rethink how we manage girls who have periods at an age when we think they shouldn't and let nature take it's natural course and see the difference in the product. Food for thought!!

Patti A.
Patti A5 years ago

Rosemary G said "because they became pregnant when they weren't ready or prepared" Do you think females are ready just because they start a period at 9-10years? In biblical times right into the early 20th C females was deemed ready, by some, to have children as soon as they had their first period and were married off to men far older for reasons that had nothing to do with love. They often gave birth but died in the process because all that mattered was adding to the family or making some deal. If females were not ready and you believe in a higher power, why are they given the ability to have children at such a young age? Why doesn't it happen at 16 or 20? Males are ready at puberty but neither are ready for the rigors of marriage at that age. Many men did not speak of their mothers but of the grandmother or mother figure who raised them. Since women have a cut off time (menopause) we need to examine our attitudes about giving birth and when. We want girls not to have babies at those early ages and lose at least 6-8 of their best years to have children, under proper medical care, pushing them into a "use before" time close to their menopause when the body is not producing at the same QUALITY as when it was younger. If mother nature (creator) is smart enough to give us a flush (a period) every month then maybe we are doing a disservice by not getting pregnant when our bodies are ready!!! I think ALL women should be pregnant at least once before they are 20 and at

Patti A.
Patti A5 years ago

It has always amazed me that MEN, the needed other half to even make a baby, have always been so vocal about this issue especially abortion when they generally have so little involvement in raising their children, kind of like the role of grandparents who are there for the good times but not there for the real hard times. Granted this generation of men is doing far better in participating because society is more accepting of it and doesn't think it unmanly for a man to change diapers as in the past. Womens' issues were bumping along in the final stage of acceptance until viagra came along. I have noticed a change in attitudes when it seemed that mens access to it was being threatened and they came around very quickly. So I am not surprised that we see this change. Bravo to us ladies for clearing yet another hurdle in the path to FULL, EQUAL citizenship in this so called land of the free.

Cristiana N.
Cristiana N5 years ago

I see there is a big controvercy around the contraception because some of them prevent implantation and therefore they "kill the unborn child".

Well, I don't know how many contraceptives do that or not, because I don't use neighter of them, I don't need them (I am not married), but I can't stop wondering why in the world we act like nuts that when it is about a simple fertilised egg, and, still we kill flyes and mosquitoes and other small creatures daily without even thinking about what we are doing?

Why is a human fertilised egg (basicaly an undeveloped human organism) more important than a fully developed and adult non-human creature? Why? Who sais that a human fertilised zygote is superior to a fly or a butterfly?

Let me guess... man himself sais that! And, ofcourse, because he is aware of the fact that this is abusive, he cannot stand to his counscious, and he pretends that this is not his own idea, but is God's idea. So, he throws all his own stupid egocentric visions on God's behalf making this way the Divine sam sort of escape-goat.

I think is time to let God be and us to start be mature. We invented this ideas, let's face it. And we are egoists. Let also face it. So, let's change it and start be responsable and control our lifes. Including the reproductive life. Stop making fool of religion, will you! It is not the atheists who do that, but the religios, because they just don't wont to see the obvious things!

God gives everithing but it doesn't forc