White Nationalists Helping Fund Defense of Immigration Bill

As hearings for the first of several legal challenges to Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070 got underway in a federal courthouse in Phoenix yesterday, additional information has come to light about just who is bankrolling the defense of the law.  Not surprisingly, hate groups rank among the fiscal backers of the bill.  In particular, as reported by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the white supremacist political party American Third Position (A3P) donated Arizona’s Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund,” established by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, to advance the interests of “White Americans.”

A3P proudly backs the bill, going so far as to challenge the Governor’s basic argument that the measure does not encourage racial profiling or the targeting of Latinos.  According to its own E-mail alert, SB 1070 is in reality a tool for the reinstatement of white political control.  According to A3P, it is a measure they have every reason to support.  “We support all constructive endeavors by private citizens, businesses, local governments- or in this case a sovereign state- to stem and reverse the browning of America.”

The group goes even further, calling SB 1070 the “best current opportunity to reduce [brown-skinned] immigration.

It would be one thing if A3P were the only hate group openly backing the measure and funding its defense.  But its not.  Gov. Brewer’s defense fund is also backed by Stormfront.org, the oldest and largest white nationalist forum on the Internet with open calls for donations from its members.

Of course the legislation’s ties to hate groups is well known, even if those links are not being widely broadcast by Gov. Brewer or the other supporters of the measure.  The law was written by Kris Kobach, a lawyer at the Federal for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), an anti-immigrant hate group.  FAIR has a blemished history including employing key staffers who are among the ranks of white supremacist groups, retaining board members who frequently contribute to hate publications, and pushing rhetoric accusing immigrants of engaging in “competitive breeding” aimed specifically at diminishing white power.

Kobach also has a history of advancing racial profiling measures, both as an immigration advisor under former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and later in the Department of Justice after the 9/11 attacks.  Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio tapped Kobach to train his officers to “spot” undocumented immigrants, creating a problematic partnership since Arpaio is currently under federal grand jury investigation for charges of racial profiling.

The extent to which these groups are successful in pursuing their agenda of hate on a mainstream stage remains to be seen as the courts sift through the various legal challenges, including one by the Department of Justice set for hearing next week.  Regardless of the outcome of those suits though it is becoming harder and harder to support the argument that this is a piece of legislation born short of anything other than hate.

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Ernest R.
Ernest R.5 years ago

illegal immigration needs to be addressed. How we do it is what differentiates us from North Koreans, Russians or Nazis for that matter...

Kathy M.
Kathy M.5 years ago

Interesting how it's okay to advance the interests of Latinos, even those who are not citizens (La Raza) but advancing the interests of white people gets you a swastika. Sorry, not buying it. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. We need to take our country back, and I am 100% willing to back whatever group wants to advance that effort. It is not racial profiling to suspect hispanics are here illegally when it is a known fact the majority of our illegals come from Mexico. That is like saying it's racist to declare a black man robbed you. I guess the police should be precluded from looking for a black man in that instance, as well??

roberto c.
roberto m.6 years ago

How about we deport white supremacist to Europe and all it's allies for all those that are so anti immigration in reality we don't even belong here regarding of legal status we are all models for America the only people that should be here are Native Americans because they are Native to Americans and we are not let's not for get how our ancestors got here this nation was founded By mostly illegal immigration look during WW1 about 25 million of illegal immigrants came here nearly the double or triple we have let's not forget how our generation came here then us... and our roots so let's stop this nonsense then our ancestor's should've been turn back because they were undocumented but no they came here....and stayed

Beng Kiat Low
low beng kiat6 years ago


Gonzalo Vergara
Gonzalo Vergara6 years ago

Ken G:

As I've said previously, I am deeply sorry for what happened to the Senator's son. I wouldn't wish that even on my worst enemy. However, the crime of one person cannot justify such an unjust law being imposed on the many.

Our Declaration of Independence is a document that spells out the basic human rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. It also asserts the right and duty of people to rebel against arbitrary and capricious laws...

Enforce the law because it is a law? That is exactly what our Declaration of Independence rebels against...

I'm just as frustrated with the failings of our government as all in here seem to be. I think that it's unconscionable that we have not found Osama bin Laden, that we are still in Afghanistan without any idea of what we are doing there and how we are going to get out, etc., etc., etc.

So our duty and obligation is to go to the source of the problem: Our 'elected' representatives and all of the crap lobbysts that support them. We can't just advocate ready-shoot-aim policies that do nothing to solve our underlying problems.

Illegal immigration is but one symptom of the underlying crap in Wash DC. Let's not be duped into doing things against the values espoused in our Declaration of Independence...

Ken G.
Ken G.6 years ago

The main problem is the federal government. A senator's son was shot by an illegal immigrant. This issue has not been dealt with so everybody loses. The immigrants got sent a message that nobody bothers them living here so in their minds it's accepted as okay to live this way. In Mexico crime is terrible but even Mexico's leaders seem to be part of the corruption. So the people are damned if they stay there and damned if they come here. Without immigration being dealt with there were no guide lines put in place for people to make decision about making life better for them selves. Even US businesses go to Mexico for cheap labor so they can profit here in the US, but make note nowhere in our political system is there anything that's for the good of the people. I do mean nowhere.
Yes I can understand where this law seems wrong but our country is really messed up. Nowhere is there any sign of hope to make the direction and well-being for the people anywhere in sight. In my opinion at least I can relate to the catastrophe that started this law coming into existence. A guys son was shot because problems weren't being dealt with responsibly. It doesn't matter what race this guy and his son were or even the fact that it was an illegal immigrant. The situation could have been avoided if we didn't let it go for so long. That neglect only made matters worse for everybody no matter what side of this they're on. I can't see where we can keep living like this much longer.

Gonzalo Vergara
Gonzalo Vergara6 years ago

Unjust laws are not meant to be upheld so says our Declaration of Independence

Gary Heck
Gary Heck6 years ago

I find it interesting that any group that stands up for the rights of white Americans is considered a hate group. That aside, the bottom line here is simply this; people who are in this country illegally are breaking our immigration law. This makes them criminals. They should be prosecuted under the law and if found guilty, sentenced according to the law. What is so damn difficult to understand about this.