WI GOP Senate Candidate Tired Of Your Sob Stories

Hedge-fund manager and candidate for Wisconsin U.S. Senate Eric Hovde (R) is tired of all the sob stories of people struggling in this recession and wants more focus on the debt instead.

Hovde made the remarks during a presentation on Friday to the Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.

Amanda Terkel reports that during the event Hovde called on reporters specifically to change the subject. “I see a reporter here,” he said. “I just pray that you start writing about these issues. I just pray. Stop always writing about, ‘Oh, the person couldn’t get, you know, their food stamps or this or that.’ You know, I saw something the other day — it’s like, another sob story, and I’m like, ‘But what about what’s happening to the country and the country as a whole?’ That’s going to devastate everybody.”

The reality is though stories of personal struggle during the recession have been few and far between. In May 2011, National Journal looked at the nation’s five largest newspapers and counted how many times “unemployment” or “deficit” appeared in their headlines or first sentences. The analysis found that unemployment was covered significantly less than the deficit.

“Mentions of unemployment have been dwindling since they spiked to 154 in the month ending August 15, 2010; over the month ending Sunday, there were 63,” wrote National Journal, adding, “That major newspapers and other media outlets have covered the deficit with greater intensity in recent months should come as no surprise given the focus of the politicians and policymakers they cover. The declining mentions of unemployment are perhaps more surprising, as the issue remains salient for millions of Americans.”

So, is that clear, Wisconsin? Eric Hovde doesn’t want your sob stories, okay? He thinks its time we focus on the real victims of the recession–millionaires subject to oppressive government regulations.

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Photo from WisPolitics.com via flickr.


Patty G.
Patty G4 years ago

This is not the world I grew up in! Im not sure who the hell is at fault anymore, Money just seems to be flying everywhere. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. As seniors we should not have to worry about our Soc. Sec, Medicare and Pensions. All the money is being blown by corrupt people in charge, I wish my insurance would be paid for for life and I would get the same money when I retire that I got when working. Oh Yeah! Prices are going up and up. That pack of cigarettes I got when I was 15 was 17cents a pack. Same cigs today 5.75 a pack. Just an example. My God can we just get back to basics and enjoy our lives, what we have left of them. Everybody is back stabbing the other. They should all take a good look in the mirror. God help us all.

Charles W.
Charles Wise4 years ago

This guy looks crazy or possessed!

Jerry P.
Jerry P.4 years ago

He also complained when the children scream when he has his way with them. A typical GOP. Good old prevert

Vernon W.
Vernon W4 years ago

If Wisconsin voters vote for him, they deserve him. In a democracy, people get the government they deserve.

Robert K.
Robert K4 years ago

Glenna J. Of course Reagan raised taxes. That's why I said we should go back to the pre Reagan presidency. Reagan cut the top marginal rate from 74% to 28% and caused a raging recession which he ended by raising taxes on the poor and middle class 11 times. He's the one to blame for starting the economic disaster we have today.

Bush II made it worse and now Romney says he'll be "Bush on steroids" which would turn us into a medieval oligarchy with a few owning everything and everyone else a sharecropper or the equivalent fit only to lick the boots of the small number of scumbags who own everything. Already 400 people own more than the bottom 150,000,000 Americans and they have bought every Republican and most of the blue dog Democrats. Citizen's United must be overturned and every corrupt SCOTUS justice who put it in place should be hanged for treason.

Every Republican president from Nixon on was an enemy of the people except Ford who was an enemy of his own brain.

Robert K.
Robert K4 years ago

CJ R. I believe you are misinterpreting what I said. I think the overwhelming % of teabaggers believe what they say, which means they aren't liars. To be a liar, you must know that what you say is untrue. However, ignorant people say untruths all the time, but that's the result of being ignorant. Probably from watching faux news.

Of course Allan West is a liar. Probably every teapublican politico is. I'm certain the politicians realize they're lying to achieve their evil ends, but the politicians are a tiny % of the teapublicans.

And Steve, I'm not sure whether your delusions are ignorance or stupidity, but if you ever post anything rational you may be able to kill a bunch of us via heart attack from something so unexpected as to cause one.

Robert Fitzgerald

Sob stories, or real life stories of just how this recession has affected American citizens, IS the crux of this debt dialogue. Of course he does not want to hear sob stories. It gets in the way of the Republican agenda of getting rid of social safety nets as their preferred way to pay for getting us out of debt without taxing the rich. Balancing the debt, Republican style, and sob stories are two sides of the same coin. Get rid of Medicare and SS, and the sob stories will skyrocket.

nancy d.
nancy B4 years ago

Didn't Cheney say that the national debt was not a bad thing? I guess whether it is a good thing or bad depends on which party is holding the presidency. Republicons - good thing. Democrats - bad thing.

nancy d.
nancy B4 years ago

Which debt? One from trying to obtain an education? A mortgage that is up-side-down? Credit cards due to ever increasing interest rates? Healthcare premiums ever increasing? Hopefully the state of Wisconsin is smarter than that.

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

Of course they want us to focus on the debt, claiming they're concerned about future generations. Paying interest on money they just print is how they make even more money without haveing to print any more, they can just siphen off the money in circulation in the main street culture.Then we the people have to barrow more on credit cards to make ends meet, and pay even more interest. Pretty neat trick and I'm not going to judge it one way or another, but I want to know is how things would change if there were no more chargeing of interest, or paying intrest? No more of 'the magic of compound interest' or 'making your money work for you', as if such a thing were even possible. Money is a means of exchange. It does not work. People work.
Money needs to be in circulation to be useful and beneficial to all. When there is not enough money getting down to the people to pay for the basics, you get sob stories, and no saveing money to gather a surplus to buy big things without haveing to barrow, but if there were no 'finance charges' , just paying back the principal, seems to me a system like that would go a ways to giveing relief.Let's make THAT the issue, not the debt.