Widow Speaks Out on DOMA Win (VIDEO)


Edith ‘Edie’ Windsor, a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the Defense of Marriage Act, has spoken out on why she is so grateful for a federal judge finding a key portion of DOMA unconstitutional, and how she just wishes she could have shared that news with her late partner.

Edie is lead plaintiff in Windsor v. United States. After her partner of 44 years died, she was forced to pay more than $360,000 in estate taxes because the federal government, per the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), cannot recognize her marriage as legal. The Obama administration has refused to defend DOMA Section 3 in court but the Republican House leadership has since taken up the fight.

Judge Barbara Jones last week ruled that based on a rational basis review, the lowest form of judicial scrutiny, Section 3 of DOMA is unconstitutional. Lawyers representing the House leadership are expected to appeal, as they have done in several other DOMA suits.

Hear in the video below exactly what this ruling has meant to the courageous 83-year-old, as well as her personal thoughts on why this case is important:


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Jane H.
Jane H.2 years ago

She is such an attractive heroine! Thank you, Ms. Windsor

Lynn Squance
Lynn Squance3 years ago

Hallelujah! There is no excuse for DOMA. It is unconstitutional! I sure hope that Boehner and the Republican/Teabagger cretins are not using public funds to defend DOMA. Let the GOP use their own money for such perfidy. Better still, do something meaningful and useful like voting for Mr Obama'a AJA.

Donna B.
Donna B.3 years ago

Edie, I celebrate with you!

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L.3 years ago

Edie congratulations. Repeal DOMA now it is unconstittutional.

Carole L.
Carole L.3 years ago

i think the Fright Reich are afraid that if same sex marriage is legalized that their spouses will divorce their asses run out and marry someone of the same sex.

why shouldn't same sex couples be allowed to marry, they should be able to be as miserable as the rest of us. ;)

Josha N.
Josha N.3 years ago

Edith Windsor, you are a wonderful woman. You are an examle to all of us and I'm so sorry that you had to go through all this for something that should have been repealed YEARS ago. America, it's time you were dragged into the 21st century.

Jude Gagner
Jude Gagner3 years ago

What an incredible, strong, gracious and beautiful woman.

Jen Matheson
Jen M.3 years ago

She seems like a wonderful person! I am very sorry she lost Thea.

Jen Matheson
Jen M.3 years ago

She seems like a wonderful person! I am very sorry she lost Thea.

Jen Matheson
Jen M.3 years ago

She seems like a wonderful person! I am very sorry she lost Edith.