Will Canadian Zoo Elephants Get A New Home?

The effort to free Canadian zoo elephants has a new ally: Bob Barker.

Barker has been lending his support to various zoo animal related causes for years now, and has been voicing his support for the release of Lucy from the Edmonton Valley Zoo for some time.

It has only been recently, however, that Barker has voiced his support for sending all Canadian zoo elephants south to sanctuaries in warmer climates. Barker says the only reason he never let his wider support be known was because no one had asked him.

“Canada is no place for elephants,” Barker told the Star.

Barker voiced his support for Councillor Shelley Carroll, who has been campaigning for the removal of Toronto Zoo’s three elephants to a sanctuary in California. Barker called Carroll his hero.

Four elephants have died in the past five years at the Toronto Zoo, and seven have died since 1984. In light of this, the Toronto Zoo is debating how to deal with its elephants. It could choose to keep its elephants, to send them south to a sanctuary, or it could choose to keep them and go through with a proposed $40 million renovation and expansion of the elephant habitat.

While $40 million sounds like a lot, Barker says that more than that was spent to expand the elephant habitat in the LA Zoo and it was still too small for their one elephant, but that didn’t stop them from bringing in two more elephants afterward.

If the Toronto Zoo expands its habitat, they might make the same mistake.

The only ethical solution for the Toronto Zoo and all Canadian zoos is to send their elephants south to sanctuaries in the U.S. Lucy has had a hard enough life already, and if zoos across Canada don’t make the right choice and release their elephants, they’ll only have more deaths on their hands.

No animal deserves to be locked in a zoo for the amusement of humans, and elephants are among the animals that suffer the most in confinement because of their size and social nature. The only thing worse for an elephant than a zoo is a zoo as far north as Canada where they can add a horrible frigid climate to the miseries of living in a tiny enclosure cut off from interaction with most other elephants.

When asked why zoos are resistant to freeing their elephants, Bob Barker said it came down to one thing: greed. A zoo that cared more about animals than it did about making money wouldn’t be in business very long. Animals do not exist for our entertainment any more than they exist for our consumption. Boycott zoos, circuses and rodeos and all other animal entertainment.

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Photo: blmurch


Marlene Dinkins
Marlene Dinkins4 years ago

lucy need to go to better place. canada is a beutiful country but not good for the elephants its not tropical. but not mattar what all the animals need to be free and happy. all we need is signe and signe signe petitions.

Robin G.
robin g.5 years ago

Part of being an intelligent being is being able to learn from one's mistakes. If your elephants are dying because of the cold, hello, send them south. Use your 40 million to send them and to help the sanctuary where they go. This isn't rocket science. Zoos have a responsibility to educate, and they have to live what they teach.

Millie O.
Millie O'Connor5 years ago

Linda Blake
I never even thought you were attacking me. No apology necessary. I agree with what you are saying and it's people with little minds that attack and criticize a person when something bad is happening in their country. Just because you live in a country where Lucy is being abused has nothing to do with you. You're against what's going on with Lucy as are many Canadians. Take care.

Gita Sasi Dharan
Gita Sasi Dharan5 years ago

Animals, where ever they are , they should be comfortable, healthy and happy! Which other place is more suitable than their own habitat?

Mervi R.
Mervi R.5 years ago

These elephants belong in a warm-climate sanctuary.

Elizabeth P.
.5 years ago

go, Bob

heather g.
heather g.5 years ago

I live in the west of BC where winters are milder than the rest of Canada. However, elephants, zebra, rhino, giraffe and other African animals normally live with no snow, in wide open spaces and on an entirely different diet. They don't shelter in cold, concrete containers in freezing winters. African animals kept in a Vancouver area zoo regularly come to a very sad end. I wish Canada would pay more attention to it's own animals - not shoot them for straying into areas where humans have taken over for housing. I fully support the work of Bob Barker!

Grace Adams
Grace Adams5 years ago

Would it be feasible for the elephants to go south for the winter--then come back to Canada for the summer?

Linda Blake
Linda Smith5 years ago

Millie O--- I was not attacking your blog...I was agreeing with what you had typed to Leslie about taking the animals away from their enviroment,to put them on show for money.And had just added that the more sub division and houses that built we are pushing native animals out of their enviroment as well.
Apologise if you thought I was attacking,was not the intent.

Linda Blake
Linda Smith5 years ago

SONJA T (FEB 26 @ 6:20AM) and for all you other ignorant "perfect AMERICANS" that agree or think as she does,just 1 bit of advise....Please look within your own country,before laying blame and shame in another! Your country is NOT so amazing and beautiful and sunny as you may think,you choose to believe that it is.Sonja WAKE WP!!!!!
Go to Busch gardens in Florida check out them elephants from the cable ride,no shelter from the sun either,no I am not saying that these elephants should stay here in Canada.I have ALWAYS believed that NO ANIMAL should be locked up.NO man owns them and has NO RIGHT to go into their homes,jungles and rip them out and claim them,put a price tag on them and sell em.All the animals on this earth should roam free as it was meant to be,they are EVERYONE'S.Canadians DO NOT AGREE WTH,and WE DO FIGHT TO STOP THE SEAL HUNTS! NOW WHY DON'T AMERICANS STOP THE ABUSES OF THE ANIMALS IN U.S.A??????? Open up your eyes,do not think that we all agree with what is going on,and no we don't live in fucking igloo's,you must live in Alaska and no nothing about my country.