Winged “Angel” in Distress at Starbucks, Rescuer Jumps In

Recently, Long Beach, California resident Dan Lubniewski was on his way downtown to send a package to his son. As he made his way past a Starbucks with lines of customers and many coffee drinkers chatting at tables, his eyes scanned the flock of pigeons working their way along the parking area, and one bird in particular caught his attention. He could see there was a problem, a serious problem, with this pigeon’s feet.

Starbucks Angel

Dan didn’t have a net with him when he first encountered the pigeon, so he made a plan to come back at the same time of day on that Friday, and sure enough, the pigeon appeared within five minutes. Dan carefully moved in on the bird and secured him in a cardboard box.

“I have dedicated the last eight years of my life to rescuing and doctoring over 3,000 pigeons and Starbucks Angel was one of my worst rescues ever,” Dan said.  “He had lost use of all his toes from being entangled with human hair. I figure his toes had to have been tied and tortured for a minimum of two years for the condition to have gotten so severe.”

More Than “Just a Pigeon”

While pigeons may seem like a strange choice to some, Dan can’t see what all the fuss is about. In fact, he values the birds not only for their innate beauty, but for their history in assisting the military.

“So few people seem to realize that so many pigeons were decorated war heroes saving our troops’ lives,” Dan explains, referring to the pigeons who saved hundreds of  thousands of human lives by carrying messages across enemy lines during World War I and II.”They truly deserve more respect than they get. They are one of the most sweetest and gentle and loving birds you would ever see.”

Most nights Dan, a disabled veteran, can be found making his rounds with a bag of birdseed in one hand and a sack of cat food in the other. He firmly believes that rescue work is his life’s calling and maintains a positive outlook even on days when he’s not quite sure how he’ll buy the next bottle of medicine or bag of food for the animals under his care.Dan invites anyone in the Long Beach, California area to contact him if they find an injured pigeon. Dan can be reached at and this email address may also be used to send financial support via Paypal.


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Rhiannon B.

Dan is a lovely person, such a heartwarming story

Andrew Carbonneau
Andrew C.4 years ago

We need more people like Dan in the world.

Diane L.
Diane L.4 years ago

Ellen, I LOVE that one! Thank you!

Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m.4 years ago

I see the whole comment wasn't posted, so here it is again. Hopefully some will take this to heart....

"Blowing out another's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter" ..............1love

Ellen Mccabe
Ellen m.4 years ago

"Blowing out another's

Florence Eaise
Florence Eaise4 years ago

@Jane R.....How dare you question someone like my good friend Danny "the Bird Man of Long Beach", and why there are so many stories about him, I'll tell you why since i post several of them.Danny is an exceptional person with a HUGE heart and can NOT bear to see ANY animal suffer so he uses HIS MONEY to care for all the animals that need help-Danny is as Honest and selfless as they come and as for the getting rich part HAHA obviously you have NO idea of the expense to care for feed and medicate animals (yes he even pays for the medicine) @Jane you should be ashamed and your appology is too little too late you could really screw up him getting donations to help these animals by your ignorant remarks!How could you?I know everyones entitled to an opinion but shouldnt you make opinions on fact and NOT ignorance!Danny is FAR from rich in money LMAO however he's the richest human alive in both animal and human friends, and the richest in wonderful memories from the 1,000's of animals he's saved!Danny even sent me instructions on how to care for a baby starling i found even going to the trouble of mailing me syringes & adapters to feed the little one with (out of his pocket)!You owe Danny an apology @Jane for your foul ignorant words!Maybe everyone else on care2 forgives what you said about Danny (I doubt it)& maybe even Danny will forgive you however i DONT its inexcusable! Youve probably cost him donations which in turn costs animals their lives so to me thats inexcusable!

Dustina Ilia
.4 years ago

My Comment Continued: (Part 2) I don't understand why you are choosing to slander this man's reputation based on unfounded information none other than a "Feeling". How dare you! I dare you! Nobody should slander anothers name, reputation, group, organization or anything else unless you have proof to back up the allegations. Without are nothing more than just another cold-hearted cruel human being who gets off on the bashing and bullying of another and that makes you a very sick person. If you have evidence or proof........then bring it on. Otherwise, what are you doing to contribute and help this person? Or the birds, cats, dogs or anything else. If you cannot contribute in a possitive way, unless you have some proof that this gentleman is not legit.............then go away and remain quiet. You are hurting the animals by battering an innocent man who has done nothing but to help those less fortunate than himself. He fought so that you could have your so called freedom of speech and opinion but freedom of speech should not come at the espence of the emotions and feelings of another. Shame on you!

Dustina Ilia
.4 years ago

Another thing.....I have yet to meet a rescurer that has gotten rich saving animals. Most are barely holding on and many others have gone under so that in and of itself should show you Jane just how little you know about rescueing. Many more suceed who rescue dogs or cats but few give any attention to saving pegions so Danny I would say is a rare bird and could definately use our help as I am sure that he gets very little because of the cause he has chosen to stand up for and one that I am sure if often overlooked.

Diane K.
Diane K.4 years ago

A bird hero! Thanks for sharing.

TRISH GEIDEL4 years ago