Woman Tries To Send Live Puppy Through U.S. Mail

A Minneapolis woman is being investigated in a bizarre case of animal cruelty after she tried to send a puppy through the U.S. Mail.  The Postal Service said the dog would have died if employees hadn’t discovered it.


Last week 39-year-old Stacey Champion walked into a downtown Minneapolis post office with a package that she wanted to send to a relative in Georgia.  She explained to the worker behind the counter that she needed to ship the box quickly and chose a two-day priority mail service.


The Daily Mail said, Ms. Champion was handing over $22.00 for the postage when the package began to move by itself on top of the counter.  Then it fell to the floor.


Angela Dodge of the Minneapolis Police Department said, “At that point, the clerk and supervisor could hear a sound like panting coming from inside the box.”


“They could hear it in the box, they opened the box and discovered a live puppy in there with no food or water,” continued Dodge.


Champion said she was mailing Guess, a four-month-old Schnauzer as a gift to a relative.


Luckily the puppy wasn’t hurt in the fall and was taken into custody by animal control.


A postal inspector said the package that housed Guess had been wrapped so tight that it completely sealed off the air holes.  He also explained if the parcel had shipped, it would have been sent by air in an unpressurized and unheated part of a plane.


The ordeal would have been a certain death sentence for the little black dog packed inside.


Champion was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.  She also faces more serious charges for trying to ship a live animal through the U.S. Mail.  She now has 10 days to appeal her case. 


If she declines her appeal or loses in court, Guess will be available for adoption.



Minneapolis Animal Control


yvonne davis
selma davis3 years ago

she knew it would kill the dog. no matter how deranged you are, you just can't send something live through the mail WRAPPED UP TIGHT (just in case the dog needed to breathe or something) and not KNOW that it will die. what I really want to know is WHO did she want to send a dead dog to. was it some kind of revenge thing OR WHAT? who could even concoct such a devious plan. if you really want to kill a dog, there are easier ways. I can't decide if i'm really for or against the death sentence to me each case should be evaluated separately but for this I say kill the b****. the punishment should always fit the crime. so does anyone have a refrigerator box I can use, I have something large to mail. I really preach nonviolence but sometimes people's ability to be cruel enough to want something to suffer and die really takes me beyond my limits. maybe I just need to try and channel Ghandi ?????????? sometimes my desire for justice out weighs my compassion. calling Ma'at, Ma'at are you around my conscience is not as light as a feather...................sorry I rambled on so long :(

Therese Lindroos
Elias Lindroos5 years ago

I agree, send her to Antarctica >

Anna S.
Anna S.5 years ago

Let's put her in a box, send her cross country with no food, water, or air. Stupidity and cruelty are a bad mix.

Judith S.
Judith Stott5 years ago

I can't believe that she thought the animal would survive being mailed.. She just didn't care one way or the other. I think it's more a case of not caring than stupidity. This is just as bad as hearing someone say "I don't believe in global warming. It's cyclical." People just don't like to use their brains. It's easier that way. When the soccer player kicked the owl in the face, now that was an out & out case of cruelty. It was awful to watch. People can be so mean. You say to yourself, "how can people be this way?!" I wish I knew the answer.

Mary Ellen W.
Mary Wightman5 years ago

After all the natural habitat we have destroyed, ecosystems we have poisoned, living creatures we have dismissed, this story of such abolute stupidity to me is further evidence that the human race is a race to the bottom. So much torture, abuse neglect of all creatures great and small that are living breathing feeling beings....I am hardly shocked anymore when horrific human beings find new ways to hurt and harm other creatures. We aren't as close to causing the extinction of cats and dogs on this planet as we are to extincting polar bears and lions, but, hey, give it time, idiots like this will take care of that for us.....

Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman5 years ago

hmmmmm,noted :0

Diane Patrick
Diane Patrick5 years ago

What was this moron thinking? Posting a puppy! Wish we could put her down.

Anna Borsey
Anna Borsey5 years ago

Obviouslu sub-normal, or sub-human!

Pity we cannot sterelize humans with such a low IQ and at least prevent that they breed even more morons like themselves.

Charity B.
Charity B.5 years ago

Everyday another ignorant idiot raises their ignorant head. People on this planet seem to get more stupid with each new generation. I see it is possible to regress with time to eventually be hitting our mate over the head with a log and dragging her back to the cave. Stupid, dumb, ignorant and lazy - the human beings of Earth.

Jovita Prinz
jovita d.5 years ago