Women Voters Grow More Uncomfortable With Romney

When Republicans made it clear they had no plans on backing off their assault on women’s rights any time soon, Planned Parenthood Action Fund knew it had to respond, and new research suggests their response is working.

As reported by Laura Basset, PPAF  is running a $1.4 million ad campaign that highlights Mitt Romney’s positions on women’s issues in key swing states like Iowa and Florida. According to a Hart Research survey conducted in Des Moines and West Palm Beach both before and after the PPAF ads ran, women who specifically recalled seeing the ads said they were far less likely to vote for Romney than those who didn’t remember seeing the ads. The number of women in both states who believed Romney is “out of step with my opinions on issues affecting women” increased by about 11 percent after the ad campaign ran.

The campaign, which was launched on May 31, targeted Romney’s record on abortion and contraception rights and equal pay for women. Most significantly, women in both states offered criticisms of Romney that came directly from Planned Parenthood’s ads without actually referencing the ads. That suggests those messages made a lasting impression with women viewers.

Of those that responded to the survey and offered criticisms, three out of five of the most frequently volunteered cracks on Romney were points specifically highlighted by the ads: his desire to overturn Roe v. Wade, his plan to eliminate Planned Parenthood funding and his stance (or lack thereof) on equal pay. Not only is this effective messaging, it’s truth that resonates with women viewers that, hopefully, will translate into votes for candidates supportive of women’s issues and rights.

It’s a chance the Obama campaign is willing to take, launching their own ad campaign hitting Romney on these issues as well.

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Stella Nobrega-Garcia

The more I read about Romney, the more I dislike him.

Lee Witton
4 years ago

Melonia - you really need to politically educate yourself. This tax won't affect you unless you do not buy insurance. But the 'penalty tax' is far less than you will pay than if you are buying healthcare insurance from one of the providers in this country. You really appear ignorant when talking about "Obama tax". Since Obama has been in office, I actually am getting refunds on my taxes, so stop being so clueless. It's annoying for those who do their homework to have to hold your hand and walk you through Obama policies 101.

Past Member - you are beyond clueless; you are deranged! Take your hatred elsewhere, it's not wanted here.

Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin4 years ago

About time women woke up and realized their freedoms are in peril with a GOP government.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Past Member-You pathetic sniveling little troll, are you still coming here and attacking members while spreading your lies? Get lost troll or get flamed for the loser you are!

Past Member
Past Member 4 years ago

Hey Limp Dick don't call my sister a troll. You are all such pathetic beggars wanting a hand out from the government like a crying little baby girl Boo hoo. Get a job dead brain and stop looking for a new mommy. You're wrong about the percentage the rich pay but if it was true it still is more that the poor at 0% and the middle class at about 5%. !5% of 250,000.00 is more than 5% of 80,000. Go improve your own life by taking some responsibility and stop having kids till you have enough money to care for them.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Aye, Aye sir, troll phasers on stun!

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Obama Tax? What the hell is that? Oh you mean the Affordable Care Act? I thought that the right was all upset that it was a violation of "liberty" (of course when it was a republican plan there was no "liberty" question) but up until this point, no republican has ever complained about the individual mandate as a "tax." Oh wait, the republicans have made up a new talking point about it being a tax based on what Robert's said.

So as a penalty it was just an affont to liberty, but now it is an unfair "tax"? I wish the clowns on the right would make up their minds. We all know what the real deal is, it is an Obama plan and therefore must be "evil."

Look folks we need single-payer, but if we don't have that then everybody has to buy insurance. Personal responsbility, remember? Everyone gets sick or has an accident and it costs those of us who have insurance and extra $1.000. a year to pay for the freeloaders. Buy some damn health insurance and quit whining.

Melonia Mel A.
Melonia Mel A.4 years ago

I can't believe the comments against Romney.... Obama Tax is going to kill us, among all the other things he wants....

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown4 years ago

Danika-That shows you are a smart woman. All women (and most men) should be scared of this uber-rich, entitled, idiot.

Danika Skalet
Danika Murphy4 years ago

Mitt Romney scares the hell out of me.