Xavier University Kicks Employees Off Contraception Coverage

The fallout from the Catholic Bishops’ crusade against contraception continues as Xavier University announced it was discontinuing birth-control insurance coverage for its employees effective July 1.

Debora Del Valle, spokesperson for Xavier clarified that the change pertains to employees and not students. Nevertheless it means a loss of benefits to potentially 950 faculty and staff.

Xavier University President Michael J. Graham said in a letter posted on the university’s website that the change was prompted by the Obama administration’s rule on contraception coverage. The Affordable Care Act requires insurers to cover “preventative care” at no cost to the consumer and contraception is just one of the preventative care expansions.

Graham wrote that the compromise Obama advanced “is insufficient for a number of reasons, and it is likely that the constitutional issue of religious freedom at the heart of this controversy will be decided by the courts.”
Graham concluded that, “absent a legal mandate, it is inconsistent for a Catholic institution to cover those drugs and procedures which the church opposes.”

So far the Catholic Bishops’ legal challenges to the contraception mandate have failed, but as they work their way through the court system we can expect to see more Catholic institutions like Xavier drop coverage for their employees.

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LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

LMj Sunshine

Thank you.

Judith Hand
Judith Hand5 years ago

While we're visiting this, I hope the institutions further recognize, however, that many women are prescribed "birth control pills" for medical reasons other than contraception.

Betsy M.
Betsy M5 years ago

If they want to function as a religious organization, I hope that they do not plan to get government help, public accreditation, student aid, etc.

Muriel C.
Muriel C5 years ago

Therese D.

a) The bishops forgot what they read in the very Bible they claim to defend, because in that book, women are given the right to marry or not, bear children or not, and are even told that -if they find themselves pregnant and the pregnancy is making them too ill to care for themselves or their other children, or while still nursing a previous child, they should abort to preserve their lives or those of the children who are already alive. Preserving the fetus at the expense of her other children is likened to murder, while going on with a pregnancy which may kill her is likened to suicide.
b) I'm an Agnostic, but I still took the pain to read and understand the Bible for myself (so I wouldn't comment on what I don't know, like the Bishops and the politicians of the the Congress Catholic Choir)
c) Good luck defending the "pro-life" current stance if-or-when you plan to meet up with St Peter. As an Agnostic, I refuse to worry about that and content myself not to do onto others things which would make me unhappy.

Don H.
Don H5 years ago

The Catholic Church will one day regret their stance on birth control.

The human population has reached 7 billion! This is causing untold suffering. We could avoid much suffering if resources were distributed with fairness in mind -but they're not. And resources won't be distributed equitably because food and commodity shortages create extra profit.

History tells us the Church has been wrong on the issues time and again. They should remember this. Aligning themselves with a Fascist party was not in their best interest in WWII. It's a big mistake in 2012 too.

Mercedes Lackey
Mercedes Lackey5 years ago

So just to get this straight.

UNTIL the insurance mandate, Xavier U was providing contraception coverage. They evidently had NO moral problems with doing that.

SUDDENLY, out of the BLUE! they have discovered moral problems with providing contraception coverage.


I don't think this is moral problems. I think this is an edict from the Vatican. They are not one and the same.

Widdle jeffey, no matter how many times and how man bad things you call Jessica, she is never going to notice you. You might as well stop dancing on the fence, making faces, and showing your hiney.

Charles P.
Charles P5 years ago

Why can't these so called bishops get it? No one is saying they must provide contraception for individuals. They are required to provide insurance that has contraception as a coverage. These same people, claiming religious freedon, are as intolerant as hell. How about the jerk that said he didn't want any non-christians or liberals in his church. Good luck getting conversions that way, stupid.

nicola w.
Jane H5 years ago

Don H: Totally agree - churches need to pay tax - they are no better than parasites dictating to us !