Young Feminists Speak Out

You know that pesky myth that younger women don’t identify with the “F word?”  Today the blog Fair and Feminist is hosting a blogger carnival called ‘This is What a Young Feminist Looks Like’ in response.  There are over 37 submissions from women explaining why they identify as feminist, how they do their work, and how they see the future of the movement.

Why this mass showing of young feminist pride? Every couple of months, another well-known movement leader announces to a major publication that young women just don’t get feminism. To those of us who do our work in the movement and proudly use the term, it’s painful and offensive and doesn’t at all jibe with our lived experience. We know that some young women don’t identify with the word or the movement, some for very valid political reasons and some not, but disappearing or slurring young women just doesn’t seem like the best way to go about recruiting them. We’d rather showcase all the amazing work young activists are doing across the country and the internet and facilitate a conversation about how feminists of all ages can work together more harmoniously.

Today’s posts are a resounding response to anyone who says young women don’t care about women’s rights. They are a display of the diverse opinions, work, and people who fall under the heading “young feminist.” Most of all, this carnival is an attempt to put this particularly harmful and reductive intergenerational squabble to rest once and for all so we can move on to doing, together, the one thing we can all agree is more important: organizing for political, social, and economic justice for all people.

Shelby Knox is an itinerant feminist organizer and writer working on a book about the Forth Wave of feminism. She blogs at The Ms. Education of Shelby Knox.

by Emmma Peel via Flickr/Creative Commons
by Shelby Knox


Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers19 days ago

Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne Rogers
Jeanne Rogers19 days ago

Thank you for sharing.

Robert Coleman
Robert C6 years ago

This is what a young, MALE feminist looks like... apparently a lot like a black box. Yeah, I know. Hot stuff, right? :-P

I hope Fair and Feminist remembers that this is a movement for all people to support, not just the ones with girl-bits. I certainly understand why the guys are overlooked during the discussions; it's because there are so many less involved. However, don't forget about us. The more we're invited, the more of us may join in!

Scott Vonwolf
Scott haakon6 years ago

Bigotry does not have a sex or race. Bigots of all stripes hurt the movement to equal treatment. Many people have been harmed by the actions of the prejudiced. Women who become bosses must be on guard to not feel the need or want to "payback" someone because of slights that happened before.

Pat Tyler
Pat Tyler6 years ago

Yes and I love the individual diversity that is what make our country wonderful..

Dorothy Ferguson
Dorothy Ferguson6 years ago

I am 54 and a hidden feminist!

Barb F.
Barb F6 years ago

noted, TY

John Bauer
Past Member 6 years ago

Most men view feminism as the term 'fem-nazi's'. Most men see feminists as the ones that don't want women to be equal to men, but want women to have special treatment. They hate men and all things male. Some men do want everyone to be equal. The woman who ran the school I worked at, was a feminist. She believed that women were better in all things than men, and that is why she continually put me down and paid me just minimum wage when other women, even retired moms who were now grandmas, without even a college degree or even a HS one, were getting paid $12-$13 an hour. My wife worked at a bridal gown store and while the other employees were allowed to have their friends, all female, wait inside after hours to pick up their friends or family, when I showed up, I was kicked out and no allowed to even enter the building, because the owner didn't like guys.

When I really mean that women should be equal to me, really, I do and then have women cut me down, when I have not attacked anyone, reminds me of the mean type of feminists.

John Bauer
Past Member 6 years ago

To Shelley Yater, I can write this way because that IS what happened to me. I went to college for an elementary education certification, a field where the men are the minorities. Then working twice as hard to get a job at a preschool and day care facility, as it was run by women. I was the only man there. I held the degree and the experience and time after time more hours and more pay was being given to women who had no experience or degrees. I saw first hand how a woman owned business discriminated against me because I was a man. And yes, it does happen back to guys because it happened to me. I contacted the EEOC, they thought I had a case and filed charges against the school/day care center. So, yes I am not biased against women because I myself had everyone biased against me!

Oh yeah, I also currently work for a woman owned business and my boss is a woman. So, whether you want to admit it or not, I am the man in your statement. I have been discriminated against because of my sex, and think that equality should go both ways. Is it wrong for a company to hire a man over a woman if the woman is more capable? Yes. But it is also wrong for a company to hire a woman over a man if the man is more capable.

Patricia Yoder
Patricia Y6 years ago

Thanks for the info.