Wasps Create Zombie Caterpillar (Video)

Halloween is over, but nature is still full of freakish species demonstrating some downright diabolical behavior.

Take the parasitic Glyptapanteles wasps in this video, for instance. They’ve implanted over 80 eggs in this caterpillar, and now the partially hatched larvae are literally controlling the creature’s mind.

Watch as the zombie caterpillar lashes out in order to protect the precious “babies” even though they’re eating it away from the inside out.

When they are fully developed, the larvae eat through the caterpillar’s skin, attach themselves to a nearby branch or leaf and wrap themselves up in a cocoon.

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[Source: NewScientist]

Image Credit: Flickr - mhodge


Duane B.
.3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Sudi G.
Sudi G.4 years ago

Gross and amazing at the same time. Nature is freaky sometimes!

mary l.
mary l.4 years ago


mary l.
mary l.4 years ago


Dena H.
Dena H.4 years ago

another interesting story

mary l.
mary l.4 years ago


Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons4 years ago


Clara B.
Clara B.4 years ago

Ruth S, the biggest sin of all is when people engendered humans like you...

V. G.
Ronnie G.4 years ago

Nature! I live in the Northeast I once saw a caterpillar with its back TOTALLY covered with eggs...wasp eggs. I did not know why this was, but do now. I must say, it was the most repulsive sight, yet a so-called "beauty" of nature, as each egg on the caterpillar's back was laid in perfect symmetrical order. :::::: I think the caterpillar was slowly dying, as it was almost motionless. The eggs were feeding off the living caterpillar. No moth nor butterfly to emerge here.

Marian D.
Marian D.4 years ago

Does everything on CARE2 have to turn into a rant against religion?