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today's action Demand Action to Save the Rare Elephants of Mali

Mali is home to a rare breed of elephants called Gourma elephants. There are only 350-500 left on this planet, yet the government of Mali is doing little to protect these near-extinct creatures from greedy poachers!

This past month alone, nearly 20 elephants have been killed by poachers for their tusks. Rebel groups have connections to smuggling rings and are linked to poaching in the region. But since there are only 10 rangers covering over one million hectares of habitat, conservation efforts are just not enough to fend off poachers.

For today's Daily Action, help prevent the decimation of the Gourma elephants by calling on the government of Mali to provide more conservation support.

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If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action 8 Reasons Why Art Improves Your Thinking

Art is often undervalued in society when, in fact, it has amazing benefits for our brains and well being. From creativity to sharpness of thought — art can maximize your ability to decipher and react to the world around you.

For today's Secondary Action, read these 8 reasons why art improves your thinking.

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