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today's action Stop plastic addiction in Bali

Manta Point in Bali, Indonesia is famed for the schools of manta rays that frequent the area. The popular diving spot attracts divers from all around the world. But it's popularity hasn't protected it from the horrific effects of pollution that has invaded the island of Bali.

Rich Horner was on a diving expedition in the area hoping to see some of the amazing sea creatures, but while he saw a few colorful marine animals, the majority of color was from the floating plastic bags and other debris.

In a video he uploaded you can see the breathtaking extent of the problem. Plastic bags and wrappers as far as the eye can see but not a single fish. It's no surprise, according to a recent study — if the world's governments don't take action and create policies that will reduce the amount of plastic we use — there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish by 2050.

Sign the petition and ask the Governor of Bali to stop wasting time and start cutting back on waste.

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