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today's action Shine a Light on the 225 Million Women Who Lack Access to Contraception

EngenderHealth launched the Where's the Family Planning?! (WTFP?!) Campaign to shine light on the 225 million women around the world who want to decide for themselves if or when to have children, but lack access to contraception. Our "History's Worst Contraceptives" video is up for a DoGooder Award... AND WE NEED YOUR VOTE TO WIN. Our funny and shocking video draws attention to the some of the startling methods of contraception women have endured throughout history to delay or avoid pregnancy, and highlights the even more startling fact that today 225 million women in developing countries are still asking "Where's the family planning?!".

Together we have an opportunity to make history. If the WTFP?! video wins, the importance of expanding access to family planning will be spotlighted on the front page of YouTube.

For today's Daily Action, vote for the only DoGooder Best Nonprofit Video finalist focused on women's reproductive rights. Voting takes just a few seconds and can be done daily on each social media platform until March 3.

People taking action: 2,493

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Demand Smog Protection

The Environmental Protection Agency is on the verge of strengthening smog protections that could save not only thousands of lives but billions of dollars. Ozone pollution, or smog, is a silent killer that is responsible for respiratory ailments, asthma attacks and even death.

For today's Secondary Action, fight for your right to clean air and urge EPA to strengthen standards.

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