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today's action Honor Memorial Day by Urging the NFL to Donate to Veterans, Not Spend on Stage Shows

Several National Football League (NFL) teams used over $5 million in taxpayer funds to stage events "honoring our troops." From advertisements for the National Guard to salutes to our troops — these patriotic events are paid for by American taxes, not the NFL itself. While there are real needs in military communities, this kind of spending is more than questionable.

Instead of spending on the wide range of problems facing American veterans, many NFL teams are spending on public relations. And they're being paid to do it by the government with American taxes. If the NFL wants to move the American public with their patriotism, then they should at least pay for it themselves. Instead, these funds should go towards nonprofit organizations doing important work for our troops and veterans.

For today's Daily Action, honor veterans on Memorial Day by urging the teams to donate to help troops and veterans instead of spending taxpayer money on stage events.

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If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Infographic: Apartment Living For Dogs

Are you a dog-lover living in a tiny apartment? Well, if you're living in a small space, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't have a dog, or even that you need to have a little pet.

For today's Secondary Action, read on and share the infographic on tips for living with dogs in an apartment.

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