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today's action NYC, Leave Poor Pandas Alone!

During a recent visit to China, New York Representative Carolyn Maloney met and fell in love with two Chinese pandas. So she can see them when she'd like to, Rep. Maloney now wants to ship both pandas to New York's Big Apple Zoo!

The plane ride itself would be extremely stressful for these animals. Even more, as a way to compensate for taking the pandas from their home, the zoo would mate the pandas and then send the baby back to China, stripping the baby from its parents. While negotiations are already underway, we can encourage Rep. Maloney to do what's best for these animals.

For today's Daily Action, tell Rep. Maloney not take the pandas away from their home!

People taking action: 3,550

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Colgate, Remove Carcinogen From Your Toothpaste!

Colgate still makes its toothpaste with triclosan, a harmful carcinogen that has been found to be cancerous. Because of this, other companies have already phased the chemical out. Colgate should do the same to protect its millions of consumers!

For today's Secondary Action, sign the petition ask Colgate to remove triclosan from its toothpaste!
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