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today's action #LafayetteShooting: Now is the Time to Talk About Gun Laws

Last week, a gunman from Alabama opened fire at a movie theatre in Lafayette, LA killing two people and injuring nine others before turning the gun on himself.

We as a nation have become hopelessly accustomed to these occurrences. But the response thus far from many leaders has been limited to thoughts and prayers, with little to no action on gun control. Further, the Republican Presidential candidates continue to use dangerous NRA-fueled rhetoric that ignores the facts about gun violence in America. Even Louisiana's own governor Bobby Jindal said that "now is not the time" to talk about gun laws. All this despite the fact that Louisiana and Alabama have some of the weakest gun laws in the United States. In the tragic aftermath of the Lafayette shooting, now is absolutely the time to talk about gun laws.

For today's Daily Action, demand that Republican presidential candidates show that they are serious about preventing gun violence. Let's start the discussion on Twitter with #LafayetteShooting.

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