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today's action Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground to Stop Environmental Disasters

Across the United States, fossil fuel disasters are destroying the environment and devastating communities. From refinery fires and coal ash spills to pipeline leaks and dangerous pollution, fossil fuels are a hazard to us all.

Fossil fuels contribute to some of the worst environmental disasters and remain a hazard to communities and our health. In San Bruno, California, a pipeline explosion resulted in a devastating fire and 8 deaths. A coal chemical spill in Charleston, West Virginia contaminated the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of people. 3 million gallons of drilling waste spilled from an oil pipeline in Williston, North Dakota. The list of fossil fuel disasters goes on and on.

For today's Daily Action, learn about some of the worst fossil fuel disasters in the last ten years with Sierra Club's interactive map, then share with friends to spread the word about the importance of keeping dirty fossil fuels in the ground.

People taking action: 2,750

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Qatar: Improve World Cup Labor Conditions

Qatar is barring Nepalese migrant laborers from returning home for funerals of friends and family killed in the devastating earthquakes last month. This isn't the first allegation of rights violations against Qatar's World Cup efforts. 1.5 million workers from across Southest Asia are facing forced labor, wage theft, terrible living conditions, and 1,200 workers have died.

For today's Secondary Action, take a stand against injustice and urge Qatar to make good on promises to improve labor conditions, including immediately granting exit visas to Nepalese workers to mourn at home.

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