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today's action Tell Your Senator: Protect Our Air and Our Resources

Natural gas pollution warms our planet and harms our health. Now, Congress is considering rolling back rules that prevent the unchecked release of natural gas into our air. Why? To help the polluters that place profit ahead of our health.

Natural gas - while an important resource - also contributes greatly to global warming and has adverse effects on public health. By undoing the Methane BLM rule, Congress would not only be endangering our health, but would also be allowing for the waste of an important natural resource.

Congress should be putting the health and wellness of American families ahead of the interests of businesses.

You have the power to sway your leaders. Tell them you will not stand for actions that harm our families, waste our resources, and pollute our air.

People taking action: 3,210

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action 6 Ways To Make You Poop Better (and More Often)

Pooping: we all do it, but many of us shy away from talking about it. And let’s face it, articles about ways to make you use the bathroom better may not make for the most tantalizing reading list, but when the intestinal tract does not cooperate and constipation is a problem — as it is for up to 27% of the population — this type of information can suddenly become especially relevant.

For today's Secondary Action, read this article on how to poop better.

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