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today's action Don't Let Anti-Wind Power Groups Cut Clean American Jobs

Even as our country struggles to add jobs and build for the future, wind energy has the power to create tens of thousands of homegrown jobs in engineering, construction, transportation, and finance right here at home.

So why has Congress been sticking to the "energy policy as usual" that unfairly favors fossil fuels and limits wind power's growth? Because anti-wind groups are feeding misinformation to Congressional leaders and blocking the voices of citizens like you. But as a new Congress steps in come January, we have a chance to change this!

For today's daily action, tell Congress the truth about wind power and demand common-sense energy policies that can unleash the wind's potential in 2015.

People taking action: 3,187

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Boost Your Mood With This Holiday Spice

Who doesn't love the taste of ground nutmeg over a holiday hot chocolate or latte? While delicious holiday treats may be enough reason to enjoy nutmeg, research shows that it may help boost moods and help us deal with depression and sadness, which are also unfortunately common this time of year.

For today's Secondary Action, learn how nutmeg can help keep our spirits lively this holiday season.
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