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today's action President Obama: Help Saves Women's Lives Around the World

The Helms Amendment bars the use of U.S. foreign assistance to provide abortion as a method of family planning.

To this day, the law as been interpreted to mean that even women in the most desperate of circumstances are denied safe abortions. As a result, some 47,000 women die each year in developing countries from complications from unsafe abortions.

For today's Daily Action, stop the needless suffering and tell President Obama to make clear that U.S. funded health clinics around the world can provide safe abortions to women who need it most.

People taking action: 1,988

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Read: Monsanto Could Cause Animals Birth Defects!

A Danish farmer became alarmed when he observed a growing incidence of malformations and birth defects in his newborn piglets, such as deformed and missing limbs. The change began earlier when he switched their feed to Monsanto's genetically-modified seed!

For today's Secondary Action, learn more about how a dangerous chemical has been found in deformed piglets after they ate Monsanto's feed.

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