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today's action Will you take a moment for Mexican wolves?

The federal government is updating how it manages wolf recovery in the American southwest. WildEarth Guardians needs your help spreading the word to friends and family so we can ensure the most endangered mammal in North America will thrive.

Wolves are essential to healthy landscapes. The government must accelerate the wolves' return to the wild and give them room to roam.

For today's Daily Action, help Guardians #Stand4Wolves and secure a brighter future for these magnificent animals. Please share our meme on social media, take action for Mexican wolves, and ask others to do so.

People taking action: 3,305

If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

alternative action Brazil, Don't Require Invasive Exams

To be hired by the school department, teachers in Sao Paulo are being forced to take invasive pelvic and prostate exams to prove they're not sexually active. These exams are irrelevant and violate a right to privacy.

For today's Secondary Action, tell the Sao Paulo Department of Education to end these invasive requirements!
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