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Preston "Pres" McMillan was born in Monroe, Louisiana, USA, but was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and many different parts of the country. He las lived and worked in all parts of the world as a U.S. Coast Guard, Commander, Aviator, and even an Antarctic explorer while stationed on the frozen continent during two Operation Deep Freeze expeditions. After retirement in 1981, he was a local contractor in the Fairhope, Alabama area, where he built traditional style homes which were featured in several publications.

His love of art began in College at the University of Arkansas, where he majored in Architecture which included many different classes in painting techniques. He continued his study of art at Northeast Louisiana University, University of Southern California, and Harbor Junior College in Los Angeles, while serving in the Coast Guard. He also became very interested in photography, and had the opportunity to photograph the architecture that he saw in all parts of the world, France and New Zealand at the top of his list.

Thus came the combination of photography, architecture and art through the use of a computer to modify the color, and adjust photos, with the output being what is commonly known as Giclee'. Giclee', is a French word meaning, "Sprayed ink on paper". and the process is used to reproduce valuable art pieces by museums and to create original works by a growing number of artists. His process goes further than the computer, in that he combines water soluble media with watercolor washes to get the desired result.

He is a member of the Pleasure Island Art Association and a past board member of the Eastern Shore Art Association in Alabama, and has several works displayed on the world wide web. Pres McMillan, combines his years of computer experience with a love of art at his studio in the Magnolia Springs, Alabama, under the live oaks, and has sold pieces as far away as his favorite country, New Zealand.


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