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I have loved colours since I thought crayons and paint were to eat. By trade, I am a commercial illustrator. I produce prints and cards, and do ceramic design in/on sinks and tile.

For my pedigree, Iíve attended the American Academy of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and more, finishing at the San Francisco School of Design, UC at Berkeley. My parents paid for years of private lessons from excellent teachers, and tons of art supplies before that.

I enjoy making illustrations that create a question or story, even if I donít have the answer, or know how the story comes out. Living on a small island, much of my current work is inspired by the marine life around me.

I live in South Padre Island with my husband Richard A. Chapin. Our son Christopher is a senior in college in Nevada. We have 2 dogs and a collection of large and noisy exotic birds, who often appear in my work, and walk in it when they can.

I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it! Either way, thanks for looking!

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