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© Francesco Alberghina
© Francesco Alberghina

Meet Francesco Alberghina

My name is Francesco Alberghina. I'm 35 years old and I live in Bergamo, a nice town in the north of Italy (near Milan). My Hobbies include using the computer, travelling and PHOTOGRAPHY!

I started taking black and white photos at age 17 and developed the images in my own dark room. Since then, I usually shoot color-slides, especially when I travel. While I enjoy a taking a variety of photos, my favorites include portraits, landscapes and travel documentaries. I've spent time photographing in many locations including Sri Lanka, Mexico, Guatemala, Rajasthan (India), Bali, Malaysia and the USA.

Since 1991 I've been a member of F.I.A.F. (Italian Federation of Photography Associations) and since 1993 I've been the FIAF delegate for my town. In fact, I'm the president of the Photo Club "G. Greppi" from Bergamo, Italy. I've won a number of Italian photography contests, and my pictures have been shown in personal exhibitions in Bergamo and Milan and in collective exhibitions in many Italian cities.

Among the photographers that have inspired me most are Henry Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Smith, Ansel Adams, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Bepi Merisio and all the Magnum Agency photographers. My camera set includes two Canon EOS bodies and Canon lenses: 20 mm. 2.8, 28-70 mm. 2.8, 80-200 mm. 2.8. The slide film that I prefer is The Kodak Ectachrome Professional 64 Asa.

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