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What kind of work/accomplishments have you done in the artworld? Co-founder, panel member of the Animated Gif Artists Guild. Many commercial clients, over 3000 gif animations made. I like to think I had a part in the development of gif89a as a viable web animation medium, but I'm probably horribly delusional.

Have you won any awards for your artwork? Oh, a few here and there. Mostly web awards, "Joe Loser's Cool Site of the Century" type shtuff. But the best award is when people just tell me they like my work.

Why the interest in 3D animations? 3D gets a rise out of me. Digital animation is fun, and I got hooked on it when I was one of a handful of gif animators.

How many years have you been pursuing art? Digital art - about 5 years. I first started with ANSI art on a dialup BBS, and graduated to gif artistry once I hit the net.

How old are you? thirtycoughhackhackuuurggggh

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? By day, a mild mannered police traffic accident investigator, by night, a 3D rendering geek.

What are your goals for your artwork (make money, be famous, have fun, change the world, etc..)? I'm in this for the notoriety.... That said, I think it's seriously fun and want it to pay for itself, so give me all your money.

Did you ever have any formal training in art? Nope.

What is the most compelling reasons someone would want to visit your website? I'll be your best frieeennnnnd???!!!

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