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Cornishlight is a Travel Guide to Cornwall England, using images provided by two locally born brothers, both very keen amateur photographers. One of the brothers specializes in wildlife and nature, and was a 'best of the rest' in BBC TV's Photo96 competition with a picture of a flying gannet. He has also had several of his images published. The other brother takes a very good seascape not surprising consider that Cornwall is surrounded by the sea on three sides. He also regularly wins prizes in local competitions. They are now working on a similar project for Devon the county next door.

Cornishlight is one of the few sites with a 3 star rating from Infoseek. Many of their best images can be seen in Cornishlight and in two sister sites; Images of Great Britain, and Beautiful Devon (click on links below).

Images of Great Britain:
From the mountains and glens of Scotland, to England's Lake District, Northumberland, the puffins of Farne, Hadrians Wall, to the bleak moors of Devon, to the fishing villages of Cornwall.

A Travel Guide to Cornwall England, Great Britain with lots of beautiful photographs. Towns and villages, the beach resorts, the countryside, accommodation, a beach guide, places to go, things to do, attractions, walks, tours, the resorts, brimful of nice fast downloading pictures.

Beautiful Devon:
Check with the link below for our new site. Will be up soon!

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Click to visit Cornishlight's website.

Click to visit sister site 'Images of Great Britain'.

Click to visit another sister site 'Beautiful Devon'.

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