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What kind of work or accomplishments have done with your artwork? I am a watercolorist and have had my work shown in numerous Juried competitions throughout the country.

Have you won any awards for your artwork? Many of my paintings have won Best in Show awards, Best Traditional Landscape....etc.

Why the interest in watercolor? Watercolor is a challenging medium, and besides that....there is no odor, no poisonous materials, and the clean-up is fast and easy. I can paint in a sketchbook when I travel and the images dry in the sun quickly. Cleaning the brushes is not a problem either. In a word......for convenience!"

How many years have you been pursuing art? I have been painting for 25 years, but before that, had studied Advertising Design in college.

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? I own and operate my own gallery and framing business in addition to painting and teaching watercolor workshops around the country.

Has anyone been a particular inspiration to you in pursuing art? Not really... Just an innate desire to paint.

What is your goal with your artwork - to make money, or are there some other personal goals? First, I need to make a living... then, it is a relaxing way to view the world. I paint when I travel and have been asked to illustrate travel articles in magazines.

Did you ever have any formal training in art? My formal training began in college....but for commercial art only. Then when my children were in school all day, I began to take painting lessons locally, then nationally, and painted 8 to 10 hours a day to catch up with the rest.

What are the two most compelling reasons someone would want to go visit your site?
To view many different subjects in watercolor, and perhaps to purchase one. To find out more about classes and my travel schedule.

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