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Photography's been a lifelong hobby for Kerann. Born in Virginia, she grew up in Northern California. Her first pictures were taken at the very young age of 5. She took "snapping" more seriously from the age of 16 when she got the "good" camera of the family. Kerann's never had any training in photography.

"I've never been big on following directions but enjoy seeing life through the lens. I still use that same camera from my teenage years and honestly, it's mostly responsible for the good shots, I only point and adjust a little," says Kerann.

She photographs the things she loves. Cats and flowers make up the biggest percentage. Trees and dogs (and not a combination of the two!) come in next.

Kerann is also a ceramic sculptor. Mostly, Kerann sculpts animals, in a realistic but somewhat quirky style. Her sculpture has been donated to saving manatees and feeding the homeless. Kerann also draws and paints.

Kerann finds her inspiration from nature. She enjoys sharing the things she sees and helping causes where she can.

"I live in Northern California with hubby, son, two mini-mutts, two cats, various foster kittens, a parakeet, my garden, and my camera.

I work in Silicon Valley as an executive assistant, volunteer for animal welfare organizations, and have my own animal rescue operation of sorts (last pick-up came fully loaded with nine puppies inside).

I have three brothers, two of them artists. Have a wonderful artist/writer uncle as well. Mom's an artist but won't believe it and she's also a shy but published poet."

- Kerann Christopherson

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