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Animals in their natural habitat have been a fascination to Hugh Arndt since early childhood. He was able to draw them with uncanny likeness and almost anything he saw. As a young man he tried his hand at different ways to earn a living. From working for his father in construction to running and managing his own printing plant.

It was printing and lithography that interested him and he spent many years honing his skills and earning a reputation as an expert and forerunner to the ever changing technology to graphic arts. Advertising agencies and printing houses exposed him to commercial art early in his career. By then his expertise in design and lithography gave him a solid technical base when his interests drew him to fine art.

Although born in Germany, he lived most of his adult life in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It took little effort to become inspired living in a beautiful and unspoiled environment just west of Calgary, Alberta, near the village of Bragg Creek.

He was fascinated with the abundance of wildlife, especially birds near his home which started his desire to capture these images on canvas. Landscapes and it's wildlife inhabitants, as far as Arndt is concerned, require a certain amount of realism and accuracy. A series of sketches are the beginning of his compositions, then they are refined and eventually developed onto canvas. Being an avid photographer, this helps him when his preliminary sketching requires more than memory.

Combining landscapes with wildlife are by far his favorite subjects but he has branched out into other areas, mostly by requests. With a keen eye for detail and accuracy, his work has been praised by his peers and much has been reproduced onto greeting cards, magazine covers and countless brochures and now to Limited Editions. He has worked with different painting mediums but finds oil and acrylics best suited to his technique.

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