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Back before the beginning of time at the tender age of four, I was given my first camera. Mind you, there was no film! Growing up in the 1950’s in the forested wilds of the Pacific Northwest gave me much opportunity to capture the imaginings of a child. I’ve been an avid photographer ever since. In the 70’s I worked as a professional set-decorator for film studios, my sense of “composition” having finally paid off.

A series of odd synchronicities surrounding my receipt of a ‘photo postcard’ originally beckoned me to Machupicchu, Peru ­ “the lost city of the Incas.” Little did I know that my life as I knew it would be forever changed by this seemingly inconsequential event.

Today I find myself escorting like-minded groups up the terraced walls of this enigmatic ancient city, camera in hand. The images I’ve been fortunate to capture are simply the result of “point and shoot” photography. Taking lovely pictures is not difficult when inescapable beauty and astonishing structures from a vanished society embrace one!

Journeying to ancient sacred sites is not only my passion, it is my profession. I invite you to visit me at for a virtual tour of my favorite sites. Perhaps one day you too will be blessed with the opportunity to visit these wondrous places for yourself!

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