10 Adorable Videos of Animals & Babies


There are few things cuter in life than babies and animals — so it goes without saying that when you combine the two, the adorable-ness is off the charts! Click through for some of the sweetest, funniest and cutest videos of babies and animals.

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1. [Not] Playing Fetch

This corgi really wants to play fetch, but the pooch doesn’t exactly pick the best partner. Silly corgi, babies can’t play fetch!

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2. Dog & Baby Share a Snack

This dog gives new meaning to the term “gentle giant” by lovingly accepting cereal from a tiny baby!

3. Baby Loves Dog Eating Bubbles

This baby becomes absolutely hysterical when she witnesses the sight of her dog friend eating bubbles!

4. Baby & Dog Meet

Aw, this baby is being introduced to the family dog for the first time, and adorableness ensues! (Actual video starts at :20.)

5. Dog Really Wants to See Baby

This funny dog is trying as hard as he can to make it up to the bed and get a better look at the baby resting on it!

6. Learning to Crawl

Baby Isabel learning to crawl from the family pooch, French Bulldog Sophie. Too cute!

7. Baby & Cat Cuddling

Okay, “cuddle” might be an overstatement, but this kitty is being very gentle while this sweet baby cozies up to him.

8. Dog & Baby Are Best Friends

Aw, how adorable are these two?! With 4.7 million views on YouTube, I’d have to say, pretty adorable!

9. Teething Baby Learns from Puggles

These adorable puggles are serving as inspiration for this equally-adorable teething 5-month-old baby!

10. Cat Helps Baby Sleep

When this baby can’t stop crying, Stewie the family cat comes to the rescue, and soothes the baby into slumber.

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