11 Amazing Easter Eggs

Representing the rebirth of Earth and the start of new life, eggs are celebrated and decorated in a variety of countries and cultures throughout the world.

Perhaps some of the most impressive designs are known as Pysanka. These Ukrainian treasures (examples above) are hollowed-out eggs decorated with traditional Ukrainian folk designs; they are dyed with a method using beeswax to carefully create intricate patterns. Traditionally, dyes were made from natural ingredients, like dried plants, onion skins, and roots, and were created from secret recipes passed down from generations. Many Eastern European cultures also create elaborate egg decorations using beeswax.

Scroll down to see a creative collection of eggs, including some disguised as penguins, robots, chicks and more.


Credit: elvissa via flickr

The Super Egg Collection defending Easter from villains.


Don’t wake me, I’m sleeping..


Credit: thisisbossi via flickr

Swirl designs can be painted on, or created by wrapping twine or tape around the egg before dying it.


Credit: mariyaz via flickr

Two little chick eggs sitting in the grass…


Credit: ourbestbites.com

Guess how these beauties were made? Old ties! Check out the instructions and more pictures over on ourbestbites.com.


Credit: zeusandhera via flickr

Mr. Penguin Egg

Credit: mccheek via flickr

Spice up your usual Easter egg decorations by adding pipe cleaners, construction paper and googly eyes.


Credit: threesixtyinternet via flickr

I wonder what these eggs are up to…


Credit: rykerstribe via flickr

Peace, love, and eggs


Credit: PugnoM via flickr

May the force be with you.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Image: Credit: Bo&Ko via flickr

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Julia R.
Julia R.10 months ago

I just love these! What a great idea adding pipe cleaners and construction papers. Thank you for this visual treat and wonderful ideas.

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper10 months ago


Briony C.
Briony C.10 months ago

Maybe the Dalek egg should say "Eggs-terminate!".

M Quann
M Quann10 months ago

Great collection!!

JL A.2 years ago

amazing is the word

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

Great ideas,maybe I'll try some at home.Thanks for sharing

Les M.
Les M.2 years ago

the chicks are the cutest!

Dana W.
Dana W.3 years ago

Beautiful - thanks for posting

Lindsay Kemp
Lindsay Kemp3 years ago

Wonderful! These made me smile. Someone's had a lot of fun!

Nicole Bergeron
Nicole Bergeron3 years ago

Page 11, that is a Dalek, from Doctor Who, not R2D2 from Star Wars. So the Quote below it is from the wrong show/movie. Other then that they are all beautiful