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10 Cool Health Benefits of Cucumbers

10 Cool Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers are very cool and healthy. Discover how this perfect summer veggie keeps your body hydrated, strong and happy. Enjoy some of my favorite cucumber recipes.

Some People Say Cucumbers Will Do Almost Everything!

Have you ever heard of those wives’ tale cucumber cleaning tips? I tried a few of them to find out if they really were true. Here’s what I found:

  • Cucumber to take the tarnish off stainless steel did not work any better than dish soap and cloth.
  • Polishing my shoes with cucumber was not fun! I had to clean up the seeds after. Using a damp cloth is much better.
  • Using cucumber to erase ink writing did not work at all!

The bad news is, cucumber is not a natural cleaner. The good news is, it’s loaded with health benefits.

Health Benefits of Cucumbers:

1. Hydrate Your Body.
Like watermelons, cucumbers are 95 percent water.

Cucumbers are full of water and micro-nutrients with little room for calories, carbs, and fat.

2. Help Flush Toxins from the body.
The high water content in cucumbers gets your urinary system moving. This is why they are in many detox recipes.

3. Good for Treating High Blood Pressure.
Cucumbers with lots of potassium, magnesium and fiber help regulate blood pressure

4. May Help Fight Cancer.
Although research is just beginning, there’s a compound found in cucumbers called cucurbitacin that has been found to fight cancer.

5. Help With Weight Loss.
A half-cup of sliced cucumber only has 8 calories and has high water content; it is a good food to add to the diet.

6. May Help Diabetes.
Cucumbers contain a hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas in order to produce insulin. This hormone has been found to be beneficial to diabetic patients. Compounds in cucumber seeds helped to control blood sugar levels in diabetic rats. Study 2011

Alkaline diets have been linked to more energy, balance, and reduction in major degenerative diseases.

7. Highly Alkaline-Forming Food.
Eating more alkaline-forming foods and less acid-forming foods like sugar, alcohol, bread and meat, is an important part of keeping a balanced diet.

8. May Help Reduce Cholesterol Levels.
Cucumbers contain sterols. According to research, sterols reduce LDL cholesterol by about 10 percent.

9. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease.
Cucumbers contain three lignans (lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol) that research has shown to boost cardiovascular health.

10. Help Keep Bowel Movements Regular.
Cucumbers have good fiber and, again, because of high water content, are great for moving bodies of toxins from the digestive system. They can help constipation.

“To see cucumbers in a dream denotes that you will speedily fall in love. Or, if you are in love, then you will marry the object of your affection.” ­- Richard Folkard in ‘Plant Lore’ (1884)

Cool Cumbers Trivia Facts

  • The inside of a cucumber can be up to 20 degrees cooler than the outside air. Now you know why they are called cool. Add this to your cooling tips for hot summer days
  • They are in the family of pumpkins, zucchini, watermelon and other squashes.
  • A cucumber was slang for a dollar in the United States in the 1930s.
  • There are over 100 varieties of cucumbers!
  • Cucumbers were believed to have originated in India and spread through Greece and Italy.

How to Choose and Store Cucumbers:

  • Look for firm dark green cucumbers with no soft spots. If the cucumber bulges in the middle that means it’s filled with large watery seeds and very tasteless flesh.
  • Best to keep them refrigerated in the crisper.  They do not last long so note that they will not usually last for more than a week. If you get unwaxed cucumbers like I do they do lose moisture easily so keep them wrapped tightly in plastic. (I know — I don’t like to use plastic, either.)
  • Cucumbers: Without spraying, they can be very delicate. The USDA Pesticide Data Program found 35 pesticide residues. They are one of the 12 Foods You MUST Eat Organic.
  • Do not peel cucumbers. Cucumber skin is rich in fiber, contains many nutrients and is very edible.
    Quick Healthy Pickles

How to Make Cucumbers Part of Your Daily Diet + Recipes

1. Add cucumbers to salads.
2. Cucumbers are a great garnish to your main dishes.
3. Add cucumber slices to your drinking water. Make Sparkling Cucumber Lemon Water.
4. Use cucumbers to dip instead of chips or other junk food at your next party.
5. Make your own Quick Healthy Pickles.

    The balancing and nourishing effects of cucumbers also support beautiful healthy skin.

Cucumbers are for more than simply eating. They make great beauty treatments for your skin. Learn how to give yourselfCucumber Beauty Treatments with this easy-to-read infographic.


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Diana Herrington

Diana Herrington turned a debilitating health crisis into a passion for helping others with healthy, sugar-free, gluten-free, eating and cooking. After testing and researching every possible healthy therapy on her delicate system she has developed simple, powerful principles which she shares in her recent book Eating Green and Lean, and as host to Care2 groups: Healthy Living Network and Healthy Cooking. She is the head chef at Real Food for Life, where she shares recipes and tips. Sign up for the Real Food for Life weekly newsletter or catch her on Facebook or Twitter (@DancinginLife).


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6:14AM PDT on Oct 15, 2014

love cucumbers ! thank for good info

12:57PM PDT on Oct 14, 2014

For those questioning the Himalayan salt, you could probably use pickling salt, although it will taste different, and you don't need to spend $50 to get Himalayan salt. I've found it on and Ebay for much, much less, especially if you're only going to use it occasionally and just need a small amount. Personally, I'm not a fan of cucumbers, so don't grow them. My mother ruined them sloshing around in too many mushy salads when young.

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Thank you for sharing this valuable information!

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Thank you!

2:17PM PDT on Sep 20, 2014

I love cucumbers. I chop them, add chopped onion, chopped tomatoes, bell pepper and sprinkle with a little dill weed. Use your favorite low fat salad dressing on top. Wonderful!
You can also add them to stew along with the other veggies. Cooked in a soup or stew they taste just like zucchini squash. Try it!

8:56AM PDT on Sep 17, 2014


2:45PM PDT on Sep 14, 2014

and the benefits of ants...

2:10PM PDT on Sep 14, 2014

I love cucumbers! Thanks for these great recipe ideas. I had no idea that cucumbers were in the squash family. Thank you.

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