10 Cute Animals Relaxing in Hammocks

What’s your favorite thing to do after a long day? Do you prefer to socialize with friends, or are you the type who’d much rather stretch out and relax with a good book on your sofa or hammock?

If you picked the second option, then you’re in the same boat as these adorable animals! Some of them like to cuddle up in their humans’ hammocks, while others have their very own comfy sling.

Read on for your daily dose of adorable, hammock-loving animals.


Sloths need hammocks too!

Photo via Buzzfeed

Soooooo… coooooomfortaaaableeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Sometimes we have to take turns in the hammock:

Photo via Buzzfeed

It is a scientifically proven fact that ferrets enjoy hammocks:

Photo Credit: heezdedjim

“Why was it necessary to wake me?”

Dreaming of modern dance performances:

Photo via lookupsarah

Hammock-enjoyment is a key trait of all primate species:

What do ferrets dream of?

Photo via Buzzfeed

So long, and sweet dreams!

Photo Credit: little_olenka



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Awwww sharing!

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all so darn cute. i want a ferret i think :) thanks

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Cute pictures!

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