10 Rock Star Vegetarians

Below are ten of the many vegetarian musicians and singers. There are many more. Note that several of the videos don’t reference vegetarianism, but were chosen because they at least provide a sense of who the individuals are.

Paul McCartney

He has been vegetarian for years, and started a vegetarian food company with his late wife Linda. Care2 has his recipe for vegan enchiladas.

Thom Yorke

Some accounts say Thom was partly inspired to stop eating meat due to the The Smiths album “Meat is Murder.”

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Has been vegetarian since the age of eleven. His mother was also.


He was PETA’s sexiest vegetarian in the world in 2006.

George Harrison

After traveling to India he became a vegetarian.

Alanis Morissette

She began a vegan diet in 2009, and lost about 20 pounds. In her younger years she actually suffered from an eating disorder.

Eddie Vedder

In addition to being vegetarian, he is concerned about animal abuse.

Joan Jett

She said eating meat was difficult when she was touring because meat-based meals were too heavy late at night after a show. So she started becoming vegetarian and liked it.

Weird Al Yankovic

Became a vegetarian in 1992, after reading the book Diet for a New America.

Joss Stone

Has been a vegetarian since birth. Her parents raised her that way.


Julie Cordner
Julie Cordner3 years ago

I wonder what the percentages are: ie of erstwhile "famous" Vegetarian/Vegans compared to the faceless others who follow these lifestyles? It's unfortunate that we still have to laud the high-profile people when it's probable they are really only the tip of the iceberg. Oh well, I suppose any 'publicity' is good publicity...

Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez4 years ago

Interesting article. Plan on sharing this with my carnivore offspring!

Patricia H.
Patricia H.4 years ago

thanks for sharing

Magyar Girl
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Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Richelle Rausch
Richelle Rausch4 years ago

Vegetarianism ROCKS!

Ruth S.
Ruth C.5 years ago

It's good that they are setting an example for others!

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Good to know. Thanks for sharing.

John M.
John M.5 years ago

Joss Stone has so much soul and a heart of gold.It is an impressive list of vegetarians.

Gypsy Willow
Jamie Willow5 years ago

Don't forget Chrissie Hynde..actually there's a rather long list, and i respect them all :)