10 Shamanic Meditations

“Quite simply, Spirit is a state of being” goes one Shamanic meditation. Another: “Let the patterns of energy expressed by the way you live your life be ones of beauty, for then others would be touched by beauty.” Read these 10 shamanic meditations for their simple, clear guidance. They can help you to live in a natural way so that you resonate in harmony with your being, your Spirit:

1. Creativity is not the making of something through a quality of the mind. It is a spontaneous movement of Spirit energy within the Soul, like the revolving of the Earth round the Sun which creates light and day.

2. Determination is the power that gives momentum to desire.

3. Everything that can be understood is already within us.

4. Follow your heart, for what you feel is nearer the truth than what you think.

5. Happiness is unattainable alone for it can only be shared.

6. Innocence is not that which is separate from moral wrong, for innocence is not divisive. An innocent child lives for the moment. The past is forgotten and the future does not exist. Only the moment has important. That is innocence.

7. Look to a Way, that is not a route to a destination bur rather the journey itself, for you cannot become what it is you aspire to unless you can be it where you are now.

8. To love Nature is to love your Real Self, for Nature itself is an expression of the essence of what you are.

9. Spirit is obscured when the Ego is allowed to get in the way.

10. You alone have the power to make something of yourself simply by choosing to do so.

Adapted from Shamanic Spirit, by Kenneth Meadows (Inner Traditions, 2004). Copyright (c) 2004 by Kenneth Meadows. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Shamanic Spirit, by Kenneth Meadows (Inner Traditions, 2004).


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