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10 Things Unhappy People Have in Common

10 Things Unhappy People Have in Common

We all want to be happy in some way or another. We strive each day to find the path of happiness whatever we think it is. But some of us come up way short. Some of us make mistakes day in and day out that take us away from the shining beacon of happiness at the end of the tunnel.

Are you striving to find peace? Are you striving to locate that inner glow that you know must exist? Are you coming up short or finding happiness thatís always fleeting? Life is a journey and on it we find what works and what doesnít work. However, the most unhappy people tend to have a few things in common. If youíre looking to find peace, balance, and joy in your life, hereís what NOT to do. These people have it all wrong:

1. They Hate Their Jobs

You spend eight hours, sometimes much more at work. If you hate your job you canít help but hate your life because youíre spending 40 out of the 168 hours in a week doing something you canít stand. Whatís worse, we often take our anger from work home with us, bringing that disgruntled attitude into our homes. Iím not saying go out and quit your job tomorrow. Instead, take an aerial view of your life. Why donít you love your job? Whatís missing? Is it the career itself? Is it your boss or your company? Whatís your passion? What are you good at? Take time to answer these questions and then make a plan to move towards change, however long it takes.

2. Theyíre Constantly Worried About Money

Studies have proven that being rich wonít make us any happier. A Princeton University study showed that people needed an annual income of $75,000 per year per household and no more to be happy. Above that amount, more cash has no effect on “emotional well-being.” What this really means is that you need to be able to comfortably pay bills and save without worrying about finances. On the other hand, financial uncertainty does make us unhappy so this is another chance for evaluation. Are you overspending? What can you downsize? How can you minimize your life so that you can afford it? This is in no way an easy question, but itís part of the journey.

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3. They Donít Have Any Active Hobbies

Happiness is linked to activity level. You have to move to feel good. What about yoga, hiking, swimming, surfing, biking, or running? Happiness is also linked to doing what you love so find active hobbies that make you happy and get to it.

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4. They Have Wandering Minds.

According to Science News, ď[a] wandering mind often stumbles downhill emotionally. People spend nearly half their waking lives thinking about stuff other than what theyíre actually doing, and these imaginary rambles frequently feel bad, according to a new study.Ē The more you can focus on what youíre doing when youíre doing it, the happier you are. Meditation allows you to learn to focus on the present moment so you can actually live the life youíve been given.

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5. They Commute a Long Distance

A long commute can take a toll on your life and after a while it can really bring you down. How much of your life are you losing in commute? Itís hard on a relationship as well. A recent Swedish study found that divorce rates were higher the longer the commute.

6. They Think ďStuffĒ Will Make Them Happy

Unhappy people are constantly trying to fill the void by consuming, whether it be alcohol, food, or shopping. But the problem is happiness canít be consumed, itís cultivated from within. Meeting desires only brings fleeting happiness.

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7. Theyíre Lonely

Cultivating relationships is important for both your health and your happiness. And that doesnít just mean how good you are at social networking. Unfortunately nowadays more than a few of us view our laptop as our very best friend. Single or not, married or not, itís important to always strive both to make friends and to keep them while also keeping close ties to family.

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8. They Donít Like Their Town

So often we feel stuck in our lives. We live in a town that we no longer love and arenít sure how to feel better about the situation. This is another opportunity to take a step back and ask why you feel the way you do. Is it the town or is it you? Get the newspaper and look into new events, volunteer some place new, or, well, move. Who says you have to live in the same place your whole life? I certainly havenít. Iíve already tried out Charlottesville, Athens, Washington DC, Florence, Charleston, and Columbia and Iím just getting started.

9. They Donít Have Pets

Pets serve as support and provide unconditional love that we grow to depend on but at the same time, they don’t disrupt other human relationships, according to a new study. If you’re considering pet ownership, adopt a pet in need and follow this guide to responsible pet ownership.

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10. They Donít Like Themselves

We make ourselves happy by the way we view life and by learning to enjoy the moment. We make ourselves happy by the way we view ourselves. By opening our hearts we find peace but that peace has to first start off with you. If you dislike yourself, you can never be happy so give yourself a break. Learn to love yourself, you deserve it!

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By Sara Novak, Planet Green

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3:53AM PDT on Jul 11, 2014

Exactly: they don't eat ants! :-)

3:34AM PDT on Jul 11, 2014

11. They don't eat ants.

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2:30AM PDT on May 8, 2014

Thanks, I`m guilty of six of these.

2:29AM PDT on May 8, 2014


2:24AM PDT on May 8, 2014

I can relate to the money one. I've been turning to meditation and visualisations to help with it. There are tons of such videos on Youtube.

4:09PM PDT on May 6, 2014

Some of these factors may be beyond people's control, at least in the short term.

7:33PM PDT on Mar 29, 2014

Thank you!

10:58PM PST on Feb 1, 2014

i don't agree with all a number of these

10:55PM PST on Feb 1, 2014

This reminds me of the article about mindful communication. It is exactly the same with any job I have ever held. There were none that I ever really hated(though there were some tasks that I did).

"The more you can focus on what you’re doing when you’re doing it, the happier you are."

This pretty much says it all regardless of whatever you are doing in your life: work, play, friends, hobbies, athletics, whatever.

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