10+ Tips For Choosing The Perfect Roomate

It’s the spring semester, so many high school students are looking forward to college and living away from their parents for the first time. For many, living in the dorms means living with a roommate (siblings don’t count!) for the first time as well. You’d think that living with a roommate is like having a built-in best friend, but as many of us know, the bloom goes off that rose all too quickly.

And teenagers aren’t the only ones who have to worry about choosing the right roommate. Thanks to a crappy economy, sluggish job market, and skyrocketing housing prices in the most popular cities, more adults are moving in with mom, dad, or roommates than ever before. While some might see this trend as depressing, a setback to be endured for the least amount of time possible, others are embracing it.

Some adults, even those as old as 40, say they’ve grown to enjoy the companionship of having other people around to talk to, and to share the bills and the chores. “[W]hat we might not realize is how living with others is beneficial to not only finances, but also to physical well-being,” writes Leilani Clark for Shareable. ”Little did I know that the loneliness I was experiencing on a daily basis in my tucked-away studio was actually bad for my health.”

Thinking about taking on (or moving in with) a few roommates? Whether it’s for financial reasons or social desires, the infographic below will show you how to choose your roommate with confidence.

Choosing a Roommate
Infographic Source: CheapestColleges.org

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Magdalena J.
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Thank you!

Magdalena J.
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Thank you!

Jayasri Amma
Jayasri Amma2 years ago

Thank you!

Sofia D.
Sofia D.2 years ago

"Don't eat their food, just don't."
HAAHA love it!

Kamia T.
Kamia T.2 years ago

As my daughter, who has had several different sets of roommates has learned, the surest way to find a good one is much like dating. As your true friends, with whom you have a lot in common, to recommend someone they think would be a good match. After suffering through a gun nut who shot through the next apartment's walls and got them evicted; people who didn't pay their rent on time so they could order pizza; and many more fiascos, she's now happily enjoying life with someone very much like her, but that has a few differences that improve them both. Friends put them together.

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Susan T.
Susan T.2 years ago

room mates in my 20's were completely nuts! one partied all night and got upset when I would not join in and the other left in the middle of the night with her dad and left me with all the bills! When I called him (police guy in Co) he told me she was having drug issues...after she lied about her job performance. room mates now? well I am smarter now. Do need a mate lol

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen2 years ago

Thank you :)

Amanda M.
Amanda M.2 years ago

(comment continued) Now you know one big reason why I risked my life driving the highways to work during the Blizzard of 96!

That having been said, I will offer some valuable advice:

1. ALWAYS check out your roommate's religion, and if you can, find someone with like religious beliefs, especially if you're a non-Christian. A combination of conservative/evangelical Christian and a Wiccan/atheist/otherwise non-Christian is bound to be a disaster.

2. Make sure your approaches towards chores/cleanliness habits are similar. Take it from me, "The Odd Couple" is funny on screen, but horrible to live with!

3. If you have pets (even if you have a goldfish) make sure your roommate is cool with pets too. Too much potential for problems otherwise.

4. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check on their attitudes towards such things as parties, having boyfriends/girlfriends over, etc. first for the same reason as #3!

I've been married for almost 15 years now, and I can truly say that my husband is not only the man I love, but also my best friend! While I may have been lonely living on my own after being jilted by my ex-fiancé and "abandoned" by my girlfriends after they got married and I was still single (WTF is up with THAT "rule?"), it was still sheer freedom after living with "Felix and Oscar!"

Amanda M.
Amanda M.2 years ago

Good grief, I could tell you stories about roommates! My freshman year, I had filled out a form stating what I wanted in a roommate, but I think we got thrown together anyway. I'm casual, and she was a total slob. Fortunately, she went home to visit family on the weekends, but she still drove me nuts.

Sophomore year, one of my friends and I chose to live together. However, her habits of sleeping through her alarm (to this day, I HATE those little brass clock on legs-that damn thing always gave me a heart attack!), "sexiling" me whenever her boyfriend was in town, and wanting to rearrange the furniture every three months (once I have things set up, I like to keep them that way-I don't like too much forced change) drove me nuts.

The end of my junior year, this same roommate, my freshman roommate, and I all discovered that we could rent a townhouse off-campus for less than living in the dorm and have benefits that we couldn't get in the dorm, such as air-conditioning (the dorm didn't have it, so living on the top floors SUCKED) and being able to adopt cats (which is how I got Angel). While we had our own bedrooms, the combination was still insane because those two were best described as "the female versions of Felix and Oscar from 'The Odd Couple!'"