10 Ways Ginger Acts as Medicine (Infographic)

Ginger has long been known for its superior anti-inflammatory properties. Thankfully, this spicy root can help tackle some scary ailments, too. Right up there with blueberries, kale and broccoli, we can call this flavorful addition a “treatment” as much as we can call it food. Check out the specific diseases ginger helps heal and prevent below!

infographic provided by fitlife.tv

image by Dwight Sipler, via Flickr

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Angela P.
Angela Padovaniabout a year ago

Thank you for the article.

william Miller
william Millerabout a year ago

interesting but at what quantities do you need to eat it to be of any good?

Patricia O.
Patricia O.about a year ago

I love ginger but find it's not easy - other than my breakfast shake or evening tea - trying to figure out how to use it in recipes.

Jeffrey Stanley
Jeffrey Stanleyabout a year ago

Great, thank you!

Judy Apelis
Judy Apelisabout a year ago

Thank you!

Carole R.
Carole R.about a year ago

Good to know. Thanks for the well done post.

Charmaine C.
Charmaine C.about a year ago

Eating ginger is no hardship and drinking ginger beer a pleasure. Same with pineapple beer. Absolutely delicious.

Vicky P.
Vicky P.about a year ago


Marianne R.
Marianne R.about a year ago

Good article. Thanks.

Richard S.
Richard S.about a year ago

I'm with Francesca A., although it's definitely not for everyone.