Moth Ball Odor

I visited your web site and found lots of great ideas, but need help
to remove moth ball odor from baby clothes stored in them for a few years.
I have tried baking soda, and white vinegar in the wash, as well as many
days of fresh air, and nothing seems to work. Each time I think the smell
fades, but warmth in the dryer (or on the baby) would make the smell
return. Help!!

Iíve received a number of questions for readers about the same problem. I
posed the question to an indoor air quality listserve I am on, and one
professional carpet cleaner observed that for reasons nobody quite
understands, although possibly because of natural ozone, placing carpets (and
presumably other items) outdoors in the sun for as many days as is necessary,
will remove the smell of moth balls. Note that she claims that using
commercial ozone machines inside will NOT do the trick. You might try placing
the clothes outside in the sun every day (bring them in at night) until the
smell is gone. Let me know how this works.


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David C3 years ago

tough story, I hope by now the problem has been solved, wonder if airing out in the sun worked as suggested....or what did????

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Catherine S.
Catherine S4 years ago

There was someone at my workplace who reeked of mothballs everyday. It was so bad people complained to HR; we couldn't be around him. Had to wonder what was going on at his house that he smelled that bad.

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Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

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Chris Ray
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Thanks for the post.