Smoke Odor

Do you know how to get rid of the smoke odor from a fireplace insert? The smell wafts into the room, even after the ashes are removed. I have tried placing backing soda in there, but it does not seem to help. Thanks.

Washing soda works wonder on smoke and soot. I use washing soda to clean the glass window on our wood stove; it works like magic. Depending on how sooty the situation, combine 1/4 cup washing soda or more to 1/2 gallon of water. For really bad situations use a thick, wet, washing soda paste. When you use a strong washing soda mixture, it will need a lot of rinsing. You need to wear gloves when using washing soda because the mineral is slightly caustic. It is also strong enough to peel wax off a floor, so spot test if you are using this mixture on any finished surface.


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