Removing Hard Water Minerals (Scale)

I have hard water and find it difficult to remove water stains from my glass shower door. Any suggestions? -Thanks

Vinegar cuts both the alkaline minerals found in water that result in scale, and soap scum. Use up to 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar to 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Just make sure to avoid your eyes. Spray the vinegar solution on the door and let set for a while so the chemistry can work, before rinsing.


Chris Ray
Chris R.5 years ago


Chris Ray
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Chris Ray
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Jill H.
Jill H.6 years ago

Wouldn't the pumice stone scratch the bowls surface? I have a huge problem with hard water stains and have tried using a vinegar mixture, but it didn't work. Any other solutions I can try? Thanks.

Patrick H.
Patrick H.8 years ago

If the white vinegar solution doesn't work, I've found mixing it with baking soda works really well with a soft brush. Plus a bit of elbow grease!

Josephine Fenech
Josephine Fenech8 years ago

can some-one tell me how to get rid of water rust under the shower tap on the tiles ? thanks to you all for sharing

Sandra D.
Sandra D.8 years ago

Thanks Annie!!

Rachel Markel
Rachel Markel8 years ago

I use d-limonene to remove soap scum and build-up, it will dissolve this junk right before your eyes.

Linda M.
Linda Miller8 years ago

I live in Southwest Louisiana-a hotbed for mosquitoes. Is there a safe insect repellant I can use for my family?

Karen Pidcock
Karen Pidcock8 years ago

Anything but elbow grease with a pumice stone work for anyone to get calcium stain buildup in bottom of toilet bowl?