11 Delightful Vegan Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a quintessential part of childhood memories and a tradition that never seems to get old during this time of year. A big batch is also set aside for Santa Claus, the night before Christmas.

Did you know? The tradition of Christmas cookies started during the Medieval times, and gingerbread was probably the first cookies associated with Christmas.

Spend time with the family and make Christmas-themed shaped sugar cookies or gingerbread men. Try your take on creations using shortbread or biscotti. Make a vegan version of creamy and frothy icing to top off these goodies. And don’t forget to leave some near the Christmas tree for good ole’ Santa!


P M.
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The world NEEDS Vegans!

Nimue Pendragon

Cool :)

Nimue Pendragon

Cool :)

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Thanks for sharing the great photos and links to the recipes.

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