11 Essential Sorghum Recipes

Sorghum is an under-used grain that deserves a place on your table. It is gluten-free and 1 cup (192 grams) contains 43 percent of your daily protein intake. Sorghum is also naturally high in iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and many other nutrients.

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These are some delicious ways of preparing sorghum. You can look for whole grain sorghum at your local natural foods store. It can also be ordered online.

Photo credit: Lisa Lin

1. Sorghum Salad with Kale Pesto

Zesty kale pesto gives this salad a fresh twist.

Photo credit: Feasting at Home

2. Tuscan Kale, Sorghum & Cannellini Bean Stew

A hearty soup that makes a filling meal any time of year.

Photo credit: NutritionStarringYOU.com

3. Apple Cinnamon Raisin Sorghum Bake

This is an easy recipe to put together and works well as a healthy dessert or breakfast.

Photo credit: Naturally Ella

4. Sweet Corn Sorghum Stuffed Peppers

These are a tasty side dish for dinner, or a crowd-pleasing†dish for a party or potluck.

Sorghum Granola - Photo © Courtesy of Tasting Table
Photo credit: Courtesy of Tasting Table

5. Sorghum Granola

If youíre getting tired of your regular breakfast cereal, give this nutty granola a try.

sorghum stir fry bowl
Photo credit: Sharon Palmer

6. Stir-Fried Thai Sorghum Bowl

Sorghum is a great replacement for rice in this spicy bowl.

Photo credit: Kristi Kaiser

7. Coconut Raisin Sorghum Pudding

If you like rice pudding, youíll enjoy this higher-protein version with sorghum instead of rice.

sorghum tacos
Photo credit: Bill Milne

8. Sorghum Tacos

This recipe was originally published in Ancient Grains, by Kim Lutz. Her book is an excellent resource for cooking with whole grains like millet, oats, spelt and sorghum. Kimís recipe makes a unique vegan and gluten-free option for taco night.

Photo credit: Momís Kitchen Handbook

9. Sorghum Burrito Bowls

You can swap out ingredients in this versatile bowl with whatever you have on hand.

Photo credit: Golubka Kitchen

10. Sorghum Beet Risotto

Sorghum gives this dish a nutritional boost compared to the traditionally used Arborio rice. But coconut milk helps to keep the classic, risotto creaminess.

sorghum pudding
Photo credit: Abby Langer Nutrition

11. Sorghum Coconut Milk Breakfast Pudding with Roasted Pineapple

Roasted pineapple paired with coconut and spices make this pudding a special treat any time of day.

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