12 Surprising Uses for Mesh Produce Bags

For years, I’ve wadded mesh produce bags into a ball and used them as scouring pads. But there are so many more ways to re-purpose these grocery freebies.

1. Bird Feeder: Fill mesh bags with birdseed or suet, and hang from a tree or a large S-hook outside your kitchen window.
3. Bath Loofah: Stuff mesh bag with a large sea sponge, and use to scrub off dead skin cells.
4. Lingerie Bag: Place bras and other delicates in the bag before tossing into the washer. Close with a rubber band or twine.
5. Jewelry Holder: Stretch over a picture frame, and use to hold earrings and pins.
6. Holiday Stocking: Thread colorful ribbon through the top, and stuff with holiday treats. Hang on the fireplace.
7. Soap Bag: Fill with soap slivers that are too small to hold. The abrasive mesh will wash out stubborn dirt.
8. Flower Holder: To prevent flowers from flopping over, stretch mesh over a glass jar, and place stems in the holes.
9. Seashell Tote: Place wet and sandy shells in mesh bags as you wander the beach. By the time you leave, the shells are dry and sand free.
10. Gift wrapping: Colorful mesh makes a great bow or accent strip when you wrap gifts.
11. Bath Toy Holder: Hang on a hook over the tub, and stuff with your kids’ rubber duckies and toy boats.
12. Tot Sewing Hoop: Stretch mesh bag over an embroidery hoop to make an old fashioned sewing card. Give small hands old shoelaces, and watch them sew designs in the mesh.


Christine Jones
Christine J1 years ago

I just wish they'd stop producing them. No matter what you use them for (and there are some clever ideas), they will eventually end up as rubbish and they are very dangerous for wildlife. I avoid them where practicable.

Flavia Corbella
Flavia Corbella1 years ago

Actually, one should never use this type of plastic mesh for feeding birds (suet, seeds, etc) as birds' feet often get terribly entangled in the mesh and if not rescued quickly will often die or be severely injured. Please use proper suet holders and feeders. Thanks

John B.
John B2 years ago

Thanks Lisa for sharing these great tips.

B C.
Betty C2 years ago

Saw on FB that someone suggested putting Lego in it and then throw it in the washing machine. Thought that was a good tip for sure .

B C.
Betty C2 years ago

Some good tips here . I use one for our camp soap.

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner2 years ago

Fill mesh bags with birdseed ? :) Birdseeds are tiny

Irina Brenner
Irina Brenner2 years ago

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Stardust Noel
Stardust Noel2 years ago

Good ideas!

JL A2 years ago

some useful ideas

Catrin K.

Thanks for sharing.