A DIY Mini Planter for Succulents

After Michelle, editor of Gardenista, spent an entire day making a padded Silverware Drawer Insert, she vowed less than a week ago never to do another DIY project. But she couldn’t resist these tiny clay pots. And they look so easy to make. All you have to do is hollow out a spot for the tiny succulent to grow, cut faceted sides with a knife, and—you’re done.

For step-by-step instructions and a materials list, see Transient Expression.

Photographs via Transient Expression.

Above: The finished product: instant Lilliputian succulent garden.

Above: Start with white Sculpey Premo Clay ($16.49 from Utrecht) rolled into a ball (and frozen for a few minutes). Enter the melon baller.

Above: You need to dig out enough clay to give the plant’s roots room to spread.

Above: Use a sharp knife to cut facets, bake it in the oven, and fill it with tiny plants. Or you can use the clay to make a hanging plant holder if you prefer; see Transient Expression for the details.

Are you looking for more options for tiny house plants? If so, see 5 Favorites: Mini House Plants for Apartment Living.



Emelie Hangsel
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Thanks!!! :-) Always great with new ideas for potting

Richard T.
Richard T.3 years ago

this is a great idea.

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Kay M.
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adorable, but wouldn't they dry out or need to be watered constantly?

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