13-Day-Old Baby Panda Makes Debut

A 13-day old baby panda made her first public appearance at a zoo in Wakayama, Japan on Thursday. Twelve-year-old giant panda, Rau Hin, gave birth to the female cub on the 10th of August.

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Nickihermes Celine
Past Member 3 years ago

adorable,proud mum and beautiful baby,thank you for sharing 14/7

Fred Hoekstra
Fred Hoekstra3 years ago

Thank you Chris, for Sharing this!

Lynn D.
Lynn D.3 years ago

Adorably cute, thanks for sharing with us.

Ajla C.
Past Member 4 years ago


Margery Coffey
Margery Coffey4 years ago

I would point out to all those who referenced the baby as "he" that the article clearly states it was a female panda that was born.

Ju Seebauer
Ju Seebauer4 years ago

I wish you could have an option for 'slideshow viewing' for those of us with poor internet

Tamara Huggins
Tamara Huggins4 years ago

Never realized what a long tail they have when they are born. Very cute!!

David V.
David V.4 years ago

so cute.....just a shame the panda can't be in the wild where it belongs.

Past Member
Heather T.4 years ago

What a wee darling.Hope he survives.

Rhonda Bird
Rhonda B.4 years ago

He's beautiful