18 Biggest Problems with Modern Medicine

What are the biggest problems you see with the way Medicine is practiced today? Here is my list, I am sure there are more:

1. Modern Western Medicine is based on a narrow “scientific” model, and arrogantly ignores and rejects therapies and entire medical systems that don’t fit this model.

2. Doctors are trained in hospitals in “crisis care” medicine, not to take care of the “walking wounded,” which is the majority of people. They need to be trained to take of the “walking wounded” as well.

3. Instead of treating the underlying causes or imbalances, Doctors often merely manage symptoms.

4. Symptoms are seen as something to be suppressed rather than a pointer to some underlying imbalance.

5. Doctors see the human body as a machine with separate parts that can be treated independently rather than as an integrated whole. In addition the mind and body are also seen as separate independent entities and emotions are often ignored.

6. Man is not seen as part of nature, and how what happens in nature effects humans.

7. We look for a magic bullet instead of all the possible factors that make up the total load which are causing the underlying imbalance. There is no understanding of the total load.

8. No belief that the body has a self-healing capacity and no ways to boost that capacity.

9. Everyone with the same disease gets treated the same way, patient uniqueness ignored.

10. We treat the disease, not the patient.

11. There is a reliance on numbers and tests rather than how the patient is feeling and what is found on examination.

12. We don’t take into account the importance of diet and lifestyle on health. How could we? We get a total of 6-8 hours of nutrition lectures in medical school.

13. We don’t recognize or understand the correct use of supplements to optimize health.

14. We don’t recognize the importance of toxicity on our bodies nor know how to boost the body’s own detoxification systems.

15. The Doctor patient relationship is not emphasized and the role of the patient as a partner in their own health care not encouraged.

16. The placebo has a negative connotation and ignored. The placebo is really the body healing itself and should be encouraged.

17. The Drug Industry is too enmeshed in the medical system The Pharmaceutical Industry has WAY TOO MUCH power and is “bribing” Doctors to use their drugs and researchers to produce positive results for their drugs.

18. More than 80 percent of all medical treatments used have been untested by rigorous peer reviewed study, yet the Medical establishment insists that alternative health treatments must undergo these before they can be used. The system of evaluation needs to be changed.

Do you have any problems to add? Leave a comment below.

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