18 Plants to Grow for a Bee-Friendly Garden (Infographic)

No matter where you are in the world, you can help out your local bee population simply by planting some native flowers.

When you attract bees to your garden, you’re doing a favor for both bees and the health of your garden. If you let your grass grow a little longer than usual, the daisies that bloom will help attract bees. Find out more tips on how to make your garden a paradise for bees below.


Infographic via Budget Direct


Margie F1 months ago

Dont have much of the above mentioned, but do have bees.

Luna M
Luna M1 months ago

Hey, don't forget bee balm! Very invasive, but VERY attractive to bees.

Mark H
Mark H1 months ago

When will rights exist for intelligent creatures like bees and trees, without whom we cannot live?!

Fred Campbell
Fred C1 months ago

Nice suggestions.

Maureen G
Maureen G1 months ago

Recently i have been reading about the collapse of beehives worldwide so we need to do all we can to promote a bee friendly environment where they can thrive.

Ruth C
Ruth C1 months ago

We must do all we can to help the Bees!

heather g
heather g1 months ago

Good choice, thanks

Rosslyn O
Rosslyn O1 months ago

We have hundreds of native trees and a few that we have locally grown, it is a bee haven with all the varieties of blossoms throughout the year. We always have a variety of native bee and introduced European and the Italian bees. Our trees are a haven to many nectar eating birds and butterflies etc. We always have clean dishes of water out during the hot dry months for all the insects and full birdbaths. Great article.

Summerannie M
Summerannie M1 months ago

I love bees. In my garden I grow Hebe's which bees go balas tic over and come in swarms. They dont bother me as they're too busy collecting pollen. I have a weeping cherry, Hellebores, open bloom roses, snap dragons, and other spring flowers .....lots but the bees really love all in my garden but its my Hebe's is their No 1 favorites for sure and there's and little water pond for them and other buzzy creatures including the birds.

Anne Moran
Anne M2 months ago

I don't have a garden,, and I'm allergic to their sting,, it can kill me...