20 Ethical Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

I grew up in a tea family†ó like, a serious tea family.†My dad (a man who spent some formative time during college living and working in England) has always treasured the tea tradition and passed it down to each of his four girls, myself included.

As a kid, tea with a little cream and sugar was a real treat. Today? Tea of all sorts is a way of life!

Maybe you have some tea-lovers in your life who are always eager to get their hands on the newest blends, the most unique mugs or the coolest gadgets. If so, this list of 20 Ethical Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers is for you!

Each of these gift ideas has been selected for the seller’s and manufacturer’s attention to human and environmental welfare, so you can feel good about the gift you give. Products that are endorsed by Fairtrade International and The Ethical Tea Partnership were given priority.

20 Ethical Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

From Hampstead Tea:

This company is evidence that “if you stick with putting more in than you take out, exceptional results will follow.” Hampstead has won numerous awards for its impeccable loose-leaf teas, one of which was presented by His Royal Highness,†Prince Charles.

1. For the traditionalist: Organice Demeter and Fairtrade Pure Darjeeling

2. For the glamorous: Organic White Tea Pouch

3.†For the diva: Organic Energy Chai

4.†For the whimsical:†Tea House Infuser

5. For the charming: Tea Pot Infuser

Ethical Gifts for Tea Lovers

From Equal Exchange:

This company tops the lists of ethical teas just about every time, and for good reason. Equal Exchange’s mission is to “build long-term trade partnerships that are economically and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers.” And it’s working. Equal Exchange is proving that ethical can be profitable, too.

6. For the bold: Organic Irish Breakfast Tea

7. For the anglophile: Organic Irish Breakfast Tea

8. For the health nut: Organic Green Tea with Ginger

9. For the explorer: Organic Rooibos Tea

10. For the relaxed: Organic Peppermint Tea

11. For the mysterious chocoholic: Organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate (65%)

12. For the holiday chocoholic: Organic Chocolate Winter Minis

20 Ethical Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers (1)

From Other Online Sources:

I’ve scoured the web for some unique ethical items that would make great gifts and are housed under larger ethical shops. Enjoy!

13. For the Scandi-lover: Jangneus Design Fish Tea Towel

14. For the adventurous: African Gold Tea

15. For the mug collector: Bee Bone China Mug

16. For the cheery: Hundreds & Thousands Linen Tea Towel in Yellow

17. For the restoration-seeker: Hibiscus Tea Bags

18. For the decaf-lover: Clipper Organic Decaffeinated Tea

19. For the sweet: Clipper Organic White Tea with Vanilla

20. For the host: Hedgerow Teapot


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