20 Great Ways to Repurpose Business Cards

When you write for a living, you go from gig to gig, acquiring new business cards with each new position. The shelf life for my business cards is a couple of years. By then, I’ve given out maybe 50, and have another 150 sitting in a cardboard box. What a waste of paper and space.

So I searched for ways to repurpose my old business cards, and here’s what I’ve found.

1. Mini Note Cards: Just big enough to jot down a grocery or to-do list. Attach a binder clip, and the card stands up.

2. Bookmarks: Punch a hole in the corner and attach a bit of old ribbon or twine.

3. Travel Playing Cards: Keep kids busy making the cards, then playing cards.

4. Gift Cards: Paint or paste a wrapping paper square on one side; write your message on the other.

5. Frame Them: Make a collage, or just arrange them in a frame to remember your professional journey. (Wish I had done that.)

6. Labels: The stiff paper is perfect for binder or file folder labels.

7. Flashcards: Place 8×8 on the blank side, and 64 on the upper corner on the written side.

8. Moving Box Labels: Easily attached with packing tape.

9. Toothpicks: In a pinch.

10. Luggage Tags: Cut to fit your luggage tag holder.

11. Hamster Box Filler: Shred to make bedding for your favorite rodent.

12. Medicine Cheat Sheet: Write down your medicine and dosage, and hand the card to the nurse for copying when you visit a new doctor.

13. Precious Art Reminder: Write the artist, price, and date and place of purchase on the card, and slip it into the back of the picture frame.

14. Quickie Project: Slip a handful into a bag, add crayons, and you can keep kids busy for hours.

15. Knitting Place Holders: Number the cards, punch a hole in the corner, and thread them on a string. When you’ve finished a row of something long and straight, like a scarf, flip the card to the back of the stack and you’ll always know which row you’re on.

16. Plant Markers: Staple to a twig or Popsicle stick: They’ll last for at least a season.

17. Paint Chips: Dip into paint, let dry, and put in a binder with the color code and location on the back. You’ll always remember the name of your wall paint and what it originally looked like.

18. Send to Collectors: Traders and collectors will love your contribution.

19. Place Cards: Get a little artsy-crafty with the back, then write the guest’s name on the blank side.

20. Compost: Shred first for faster composting in your pile.

OK. I dare you to come up with 20 more ways to repurpose business cards.

Image credit: Artotemsco via Flickr

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Christine Jones
Christine Jones6 months ago

Love this article. I always carry a bunch and if I have to leave a note for someone or write anything down I've always got something to write on.

Janet B.
Janet B.about a year ago


Alan Lambert
Alan` Lambertabout a year ago

Forwarded, thanks for sharing

Naomi R.
Naomi R.about a year ago

thank you, love to find ways to repurpose things

Marian A.
Marian Austinabout a year ago


Rhonda B.
Rhonda B.about a year ago

Thank you for sharing.

Tanya W.
Tanya W.about a year ago

Don't like waste! We live in a wasteful society...

Tanya W.
Tanya W.about a year ago

Don't like waste! We live in a wasteful society...

Tanya W.
Tanya W.about a year ago

I like reusing & recycling

Tanya W.
Tanya W.about a year ago

I like reusing & recycling