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20 Cutest Cat & Kitten Hugs (Video)

Is this the most loving cat compilation out there? You be the judge.

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8:49AM PDT on Mar 24, 2014

MarilynBusy W, Diane L...this video is worth watching twenty times over (or even more)!

Certainly having cats in our midst sounds marvellous Diane.

Marilyn, one immense shipment of all our snow headed your way in four, three, two, one!

7:58AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

Dale, the two of them eat side-by=side, but no longer play together, and they were both adult cats when I adopted them, or they adopted me, not exactly sure how that worked. At first, Patch was the only "inside" cat, but Allie decided she was going to be, and she sort of "took over" as far as initiating the "Feling 500" several times a day. She'd chase Patch thru the house (it has a sort of circular floor plan), and Patch seemed to enjoy it, but not in the last year or so. She "bit!#&^s and hisses and a couple of times, they've actually tumbled around locked in a fur-fight, but neither ever gets hurt. It was just so funny to see Patch try to SNEAK in that little grooming bit as long as she thought Allie was asleep! They are both only 5 years old, BTW. I keep my digital camera here at the computer, handy, but it takes about 30 seconds to warm up if it's turned off. It has a short video setting, but I've never figured out how to use it.

6:36AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

LOL...No problem Dale....

"I thought that it's supposed to be Spring, there was more snow today to add to that blizzard from yesterday. That makes it a curl up with kittens and cats time for those of us lucky enough to have them. "

...oh you're so lucky to have snow! I blinked this winter and missed it! We usually get about 3 snow days but this year we got one dusting and that was it. It's going to be a bad fire season here.

5:22AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

Rofl, Diane L at your descriptions of Miss Princess Patch and Allie, Miss "Fluffy Butt" and how they get along or not. Cats certainly do have their purr-sonalities and certainly their antics often amuse us and have us forever captivated.

It is often amazing seeing the places that kittens and cats often pick to fall asleep and this makes for some adorable photos as well. Or videos.

4:44AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

aaaah, yes, Dale, I understand all too well, that scenario! I understood who you were referring to, and I'm sure the "right" Marilyn does as well. You are aware of my "two" inside putty tats, right? Miss Princess Patch, who lays all over the computer desk, and Allie, Miss "Fluffy Butt" who always tries to harass her, but Patch doesn't play, nor has any "sense of humor"? Allie was sleeping on the floor, in the the doorway to the kitchen, and Patch came out of my bedroom, had to go by her to go to the kitchen to eat, but stopped and started grooming her. Allie was asleep, but woke up and looked at Patch, who then promptly HISSED at her and waddled off, all in a huff because she was spotted NOT being unsocial! A few minutes later, I found Patch in an empty box in front of the slider, one I was waiting to take outside to put in the trash. She's sitting upright, asleep.

4:01AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

Greetings, Diane L. I see that you caught that, re: "Marilyn W," instead of MarilynBusy W. Oopsy! I thought that I had typed the Busy in as well but the cat that owns me was battling for supremacy of the keyboard (she likes to walk on it while I type) so I got distracted. Usually I type in Marilyn's proper profile name but all bets are off when there are feline paws competing on the keyboard. Once I even caught 'four paws' sleeping on the keyboard. She thinks that it is warm and cozy.

Yes, I am sure that MarilynBusy W will know what I meant and will forgive my teeny tiny faux pas, or should that be 'faux paws' since the 'fe-Lioness copy paw editor' had a paw in that? I was a 'bad kitteh' for not proofreading, mew.

I thought that it's supposed to be Spring, there was more snow today to add to that blizzard from yesterday. That makes it a curl up with kittens and cats time for those of us lucky enough to have them.
=^ . , . ^=

3:26AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

Dale? Not sure if you knew, but Marilyn's last name doesn't start with a "W", she just doesn't use her entire name and part of her "username" was changed to "BusyWithCharities", but I bet she gets it, :)

3:00AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

(cont).........Now, she can at least go outside to smell the fresh air and walk on fresh grass and not sit in the window, trying to catch birds that fly by the window and in the process, knock everything off the ledge, etc., but she will not be at risk of catching much since she will undoubtedly be a bit inept in her skills, and she won't be "at risk" herself because my daughter will be right there to monitor her if or when she goes outside.

2:58AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

Well, that ended up weird! The last comment was from a completely different discussion! What should have continued was that the excuses are usually given for not spaying and neutering are very commonly heard ones. My own daughter was not one to spay her females, nor neuter her males because she lived in an extremely rural area that was full of predators who kept her cat population continually "at risk". She felt it was money "out the window" because her cats rarely survived more than a year or two at the most. She kept them for rodent control, mainly. She moved here a year ago, but maintained the other residence part time. She recently brought her unsprayed 2-yr-old INDOOR female and the 2 unaltered male OUTDOOR cats here. Both males were neutered. She had hoped to breed the female at least once since she has all the characteristics of a Himalayan, but also is of Manx bloodlines. "Powder" came into heat again (only the 2nd time and the 1st time, it lasted only a couple of days and no issues) and this time, since she'd seen male cats and heard them, smelled OF them, she became obnoxious, continually spraying, yowling 24/7 and tearing up the house (she is strictly INDOORS!). My daughter reluctantly had her spayed and within 24 hours, she came back to being her former, sweet self. Now, she can at least go outside to smell the fresh air and walk on fresh grass and not sit in the window, trying to catch birds that fly by the window and in the process, knock everything

2:49AM PDT on Mar 23, 2014

Dale, I can't give you another Green Star for at least an hour, wish I could! Yes, that comment was about as asinine and uninformed as I've read in quite some time. I wish the person who made it could spend an hour in a shelter, caring for the hundreds, if not thousands of cats that end up being PTS because there simply are not enough homes for them. People let their cats (and dogs) reproduce for many reasons, including misguided ones about females "making a good MOMMA", males needing to "keep their manhood intact" (which of course is their fear of losing THEIRS if their male dog or cat loses theirs), and the worst of all, in this day & age is ignorance. I can understand not having the financial means to pay a private vet (my 7-month old dog who was neutered last Thursday cost $160) but there are low-cost or free clinics.

Be careful Mary you will get kicked out of the Democratic party when you start spreading the word that Obama is a mixed color president. How shocking to most liberals.

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